Consulting service to set up foreign representative office in Vietnam

The establishment of representative offices of foreign traders must comply with the order and procedures prescribed by Vietnamese law. Foreign traders must be responsible before Vietnamese law for all activities of their representative offices in Vietnam.


You want to make sure you're well prepared before you start. Following are the services of Expertis for foreign traders to facilitate the establishment of representative offices in Vietnam.


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Consulting on conditions for granting a representative office establishment license: A foreign trader is granted a representative office establishment license when the following conditions are met:

  1. Foreign traders may establish and register their business in accordance with the laws of countries or territories participating in international treaties to which Vietnam is a contracting party or recognized by the laws of these countries and territories. ;
  2. Foreign traders have operated for at least 01 year from the date of establishment or registration;
  3. In case the business registration certificate or paper of equivalent validity of the foreign trader stipulates the operation term, such time limit must be at least 01 year from the date of application submission;
  4. The operation contents of the Representative Office must be consistent with Vietnam's commitments in international treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory.

1. Consulting and assisting in the preparation of Dossier for issuance of a License to establish a foreign representative office in Vietnam, including:

a) An application form for a license to establish a representative office, made according to the form of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, signed by a competent representative of the foreign trader;

b) A copy of the business registration certificate or an equivalent document of the foreign trader;

c) The document of the foreign trader appointing/appointing the head of the representative office;

d) A copy of the audited financial statement or a written certification of the fulfillment of tax or financial obligations in the latest fiscal year or a paper of equivalent value issued by a competent agency or organization in the locality. established foreign traders grant or certify and prove the existence and operation of foreign traders in the latest fiscal year;

dd) Copy of passport or identity card or citizen identification card (if Vietnamese) or passport copy (if foreigner) of the head of the representative office;

e) Documents on the proposed location of the representative office, including:

– A copy of the memorandum of understanding or agreement on leasing the location or a copy of the document proving that the trader has the right to exploit and use the location to locate the representative office;

– A copy of the document on the proposed location of the representative office, which must satisfy: the provisions of Vietnamese law on security, order, occupational safety and health conditions and other conditions according to regulations. provisions of the law.

2. Dossier consultation and document completion, including:

The documents specified at Points b, c, d and dd (for the case where the passport copy of the head of the representative office is a foreigner) above must be translated into Vietnamese and authenticated according to the regulations. provisions of Vietnamese law. Documents specified at Point b, Clause 1 above must be certified or consularly legalized by Vietnamese diplomatic missions or consular offices abroad in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Submit an application for a license to establish a representative office of a foreign company: 10-15 working days;

Explanation and support for additional requirements if the application is incomplete or invalid: 03 working days.

Engrave round seal and register seal sample of representative office of foreign company: 05 working days;

Registration for issuance of Tax Code Notification of Representative Offices of foreign companies: 05 -07 working days.

The reason for choosing the service

Expertis's representative office consulting

Expertis performs services

1. Advice on Opening accounts in foreign currencies and accounts in Vietnam dong at banks licensed to operate in Vietnam;

2. Representative office accounting consultation and online accounting software donation (12 months free) for making cash book to record all revenues and expenditures during the operation of the Representative Office;

3. Consulting on signing labor contracts with the chief representative and employees of the representative office; Consulting and supporting to apply for work permits for foreign workers working at Representative Offices (if any); Consulting the foreign parent company must certify the salary and income (according to the form) for the chief representative and employees of the representative office;

4. Consulting on personal income tax declaration for employees (if any);

5. Consulting on labor declaration and opening insurance dossiers for the chief representative and employees of the representative office (if any);

6. Advice on archiving records and documents when paying tax, keeping all tax payment declarations and tax receipts of state agencies and finalizing annual income tax for the chief representative and employees of the tax office. representative room.

Expertis will provide free support to implement the reporting regime for the first year of the same year in which the representative office is established, including:

1. Before January 30 of each year, the representative office is responsible for sending a report according to the form set by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on its activities in the previous year by post to the licensing agency (the provincial Department of Industry and Trade). - Central cities).

2. Representative offices are obliged to report, provide documents or explain issues related to their operations at the request of competent state management agencies.

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