Establish foreign representative office in Vietnam

Representative offices of foreign traders in Vietnam are dependent units of foreign traders, established to explore the market and carry out some trade promotion activities. Therefore, the establishment of a representative office of a foreign trader must comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

Foreign traders are responsible before the law of Vietnam for all operations of their representative offices in Vietnam. A foreign trader may not establish more than one representative office or branch with the same name within a province or centrally run city.

Prepare documents in the application file:

  • Notify clients of necessary documents in accordance with Vietnamese law;
  • Draft documents in the application file in English;
    Complete the application based on the comments of the competent authority;
  • Translate documents into Vietnamese for signing.

Licensing procedure:

  • Submit the application to the licensing authority;
  • Track records in the process of getting approval from the competent authority;
  • Update customer on progress as well as additional requests, if any

Implementation Process - Service fee

Document preparation:

We expect to complete this work for each dossier within 03 working days. Completed documents will then be sent to customers for signature and stamp.

Submit registration documents to the authorities:

Within 02 working days from the date of receipt of a complete signed and stamped application, we will submit the application.

License period:

After 15 - 20 working days from the date of submitting a valid dossier, customers will receive a representative office establishment license.

Procedure after licensing:

Within 15 - 20 working days from the date of receipt of the license to establish the representative office, we will complete the post-licensing procedures such as: posting the establishment statement, registering the representative office's tax code, seal sample and notice of commencement of operations of representative office.

The fees for the above services are as follows:

  • For the establishment of representative office: contact
  • For the announcement of the commencement of operations of a representative office: contact
  • For announcement of representative office establishment, tax code registration, seal: contact
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