Establishment of foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam

Starting a new business is fun for every entrepreneur. We all want to start a company as soon as possible so you can focus your valuable time on growing your business.

However, a lot of people are really stuck in the early stages when you find the process of setting up a company very confusing and a lot of things to learn, especially when going to another country.

Expertis provides services to set up foreign-owned businesses all in one, profession , and fast. We consult the procedures and records when establishing the company in accordance with the law, helping you save time and unnecessary costs.

We understand how you feel when you need to handle all the paperwork, understand technical terms, fill out long and complicated forms and worry about what you might have missed afterwards, not to mention a lot of time to research how to set up a company that really works.

Step 1: Initial advice

Business consulting, business conditions

  • Refer to the list of business lines and business conditions here

  • Legal capital (Real estate, protection, finance ...)
  • Conditions of practice certificate (Director or manager)
  • Facilities conditions (order security, fire protection, food safety and hygiene ...)

Consulting related legal policies

  • Tax policy for business activities that are about to be established. Preferential policies of the State for the field of operation of enterprises, conditions for entitlement.
  • Requirements in terms of business management, finance, accounting, auditing, statistics and investment.
  • Labor policies such as salaries, social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance.
  • Report regime for a number of separate industries.

Consulting related legal policies

  • Capital-contributing individual: a valid passport
  • Capital-contributing organizations: Business registration certificates, financial statements, investment decisions, appointment decisions ...
  • Head office: Contract of office lease
  • Practicing certificate (if any)
  • Documents proving legal capital (if any)

Step 2: Consulting and supporting to prepare related documents

In order to help foreign investors shorten the time to implement investment projects, use capital efficiently, investment advisory services and establishment of foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam were born. Expertis is a reliable partner for you about procedures and documents in accordance with state regulations to save time and costs for businesses.

+ ID card / Passport (Passport) representative (Copy of public notary public, legalized consular at the diplomatic representative of Vietnam in foreign countries).

+ Proof of finance: Financial statements (Consular legalization, judicial translation) or Bank account balance confirmation.

+ Business license: Notarized notarized consular legalization.

+ Agreement of office lease contract (notarized, notarized).

+ ID card / Passport (Passport) representative (Copy of public notary public, legalized consular at the diplomatic representative of Vietnam in foreign countries).

+ Confirm the bank account balance of investors corresponding to the expected investment capital in Vietnam.

+ Agreement of office lease contract (notarized, notarized).

+ Request for investment registration certificate: time 25-30 day

+ Request for business registration license and seal: 5-7 day

+ Open time bank account 1 day work

+ Procedures for initial tax declaration and time 5-10 day

Step 3: Registration for establishment

Carry out the process of applying for investment certificate, enterprise certificate

  • Prepare application file for investment certificate
  • The investor representative submits the application to the competent authorities
  • Keep track of the application processing and notification process as well as assist investors in resolving cases where applications are rejected
  • Collect investment certificate and apply for business registration certificate as well as legal seal
  • After obtaining the investment certificate, it is time for the enterprise to carry out the application file to establish an enterprise with foreign invested capital.
  • Next, the staff submits documents to the Business Registration Office - Department of Planning and Investment
  • Receive the result of registration of company establishment and hand over according to the minutes (license, seal, confirmation of seal sample, tax authority)

Perform consultancy and support procedures after establishing a business

  • Follow the procedures for Disclosure of Business Registration Information at the Business Registration Authority
  • Engrave business seals and post notices on the use of business seal templates on the National Business Registration Portal
  • Implement procedures for initial declaration and payment of taxes for enterprises
  • Open a bank account and notify the business registration office and tax administration agency directly
  • Other procedures as prescribed by law

Establishing foreign-invested companies in Vietnam is easy!

Your business journey does not need to be confusing, difficult or difficult. Expertis can be your guide!

What's more - we're always here to listen to your business needs and provide personalized advice. Our relationship is not just outsourcing. It is a collaboration!

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