Service of FDI enterprises dissolution

Service of FDI enterprises dissolution

The Service of Dissolution of FDI Enterprises is a consultancy service and on behalf of the FDI enterprise owner, carry out necessary procedures to the competent authorities to close the business, terminate the existence and operate according to the will of the enterprise. Karma.

Like the establishment of an FDI enterprise, dissolution of an FDI enterprise also includes a step-by-step process, each step to be extremely important tasks to help business owners and members not to be penalized for responsibilities. juridical.

Expertis's process of dissolution of FDI enterprises

The steps for dissolution of FDI enterprises must be strictly adhered to according to the roadmap below to be properly and lawfully terminated, including:

  1. Initial advice on issues before dissolution:
  2. Advice on how to liquidate assets;
  3. Counseling on how to handle the receivable and payable debts;
  4. Counseling on how to liquidate tax obligations;
  5. Counseling on how to liquidate Social Insurance obligations;
  6. Advice on how to liquidate import and export duty obligations
  7. Advice on how to liquidate other obligations (if having obligations other than the above obligations)
  8. Submit the dissolution notice to the relevant authorities

Service fee for step 1: VND 2.000.000

  1. Consultancy on handling accounting and tax declaration for liquidation activities. Advise on tax finalization with tax authorities, advice on VAT refund if any (Excluding direct tax settlement explanation, direct tax refund for businesses). Please confirm tax obligation completion and tax debt. Consulting to conduct audits until the time of dissolution.
  2. Advising on handling and confirming the fulfillment of social insurance obligations.
  3. Advice on handling please confirm the fulfillment of import and export duty obligations (If there is no import and export, it is still required to confirm without import and export activities).

Service fee for step 2: VND 10.000.000

  1. Advice on procedures for remitting remaining investment capital and profit (if any) to Vietnam. Consult and work with the capital account management bank to complete the transfer and close the capital account.
  2. Advice on explanation of capital withdrawal to the requesting country (India, South Korea ...)

Service fee for step 3: VND 8.000.000

  1. Consulting and returning the Seal to the Seal Issuing Agency.
  2. Advice and implementation Publish the dissolution report.
  3. Investment certificate refund consultation - IRC.
  4. Consulting and implementing procedures to return Business Registration Certificate - ERC.
  5. Receive "Notice of enterprise dissolution / termination of existence" by Department of Planning and Investment

Service fee for step 4: VND 5.000.000

Total time by process: 60 working days (equivalent to 3 months), not including the time to prepare documents, waiting to collect records, waiting time for verification with 3rd parties, waiting time for competent agencies to verify ...

Total cost of implementation: 25.000.000 copper

Options for the business

Appropriate for:

Service packages for businesses decide “Complete termination of business operations".

Support from Expertis:

The enterprise is served all of the steps (3 steps) in the Business Dissolution Process mentioned above.

Package cost: 25.000.000 đ

Appropriate for: 

Service packages for businesses no longer have a business need at one stage, however, want to “business maintenance”To be able to continue in business after being ready to return.

Job support from Expertis:

Expertis supports businesses in fulfilling administrative and Tax obligations to State agencies, such as:

  • Management of enterprise accounting activities (when there is no business activity, enterprises still have to perform obligations to the state agencies)
  • Maintain business status with tax authorities
  • Support for explanations upon request
  • Advice on the solutions and management solutions of Accounting and Finance when the business returns

Cost: 50% OFF COST  


Businesses are DISCOUNT 50% for VALUATION 12.500.000 VND The cost of the package of Dissolution of FDI enterprises when registering to use the dissolution service in August 8.2020:

  • Value: 12.500.000 / RATE
  • Amount: 50 interest
  • Registration term: From August 01.8.2020, 31.8.2020 to the end of August XNUMX, XNUMX

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We can guarantee your dissolution certificate will be processed quickly and accurately, because we understand the importance of protecting business owners and shareholders from liability when proceeding. dissolve a company.

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