Consultancy of first-time registration of labor insurance

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The service of Social Insurance Registration for the first time helps businesses identify and minimize labor risks - Wages - Social Insurance by understanding and complying with Social Insurance law.

Using the service of Social Insurance Registration for the first time helps businesses own a new set of documents for employees as quickly as possible but still ensure the compliance with the law, eliminating tax and labor risks.

Expertis's ability

Working methods

Expertis' First social insurance registration service focuses on the quality of service and building long-term relationships with customers. This method allows us to understand all aspects of the business and the business environment in which we operate, to ensure that the work is focused on the nature and time, helping the work to be efficient and cost competitive. most competitive.

• Board of Directors, a team of foreign auditors and experts with years of experience

• Expertis has 15 years of auditing and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese enterprises

• Expertis always support, dedicated advice and understand the business reality of customers

Service content for the first social insurance registration

Fully and accurately perform 3 sets of labor records:

1. Salary records
- Salary scale
- Score sheet (if any overtime)

2. Labor records
- Labor contracts, related decisions
- Labor declaration
- Salary scale profile
- Regulating titles
- Labor regulations
- Labor agreement

3. Trade Union Profile
- Decision to establish Trade Union (if eligible)
- Confirmation is not sufficient to register for the Union Establishment
- Union Seal (separately charged)

Fully perform the following jobs:

  • Open social insurance records and health insurance cards
  • Labor report
  • Trade Union records
  • Salary scale records
  • Title regulation

Establishment and implementation of documents:

  • Labor regulations (Applied when enterprises participate in social insurance of over 9 people)
  • Labor agreement (Applicable when an enterprise participates in social insurance of more than 9 people)

Benefits of using Expertis Social Insurance Registration service for the first time


Highly-skilled, experienced staff will provide a complete labor record - legal and fastest.


Understand and follow all the procedures for Social Insurance, help businesses quickly own the documents and comply with the law.


Preserve documents and documents of the enterprise during the performance of the job until it is handed over to the enterprise


Besides providing services, we are always ready to advise and support businesses on all issues related to Labor - Salary - Social Insurance in accordance with the goals of the business.

To make the Accounting - Labor System of the enterprise complete - safer, businesses should use the following additional services:

Insurance records management

  • Register to change payroll scale
  • Registration of labor increase or decrease
  • Carrying out the procedures for enjoying social insurance benefits
  • Make a spreadsheet to pay monthly insurance
  • Insurance reconciliation
  • Renew your health insurance card

Payroll Services

  • Make a labor contract
  • Make a table of monthly salary payment
  • Calculate deductions for family circumstances, deductions for dependents, personal income tax deduction of employees
  • Prepare a payroll for employees
  • Support working with payroll banks

Declaring PIT

  • Register your personal MST
  • Advice on deduction vouchers
  • Declaring and preparing PIT report
  • Finalization
  • Advice on personal income tax payment
  • Consulting dependent documents

Frequently asked questions

According to Clause 1, Article 2, Decree 115 / 2015 / ND-CP stipulates: Laborers are Vietnamese citizens participating in compulsory social insurance. Therefore, if any salary from the company is subject to compulsory social insurance.

Each employee must have full 3 types of records: Salary records; labor records; Social insurance records.

When starting to generate labor, enterprises must carry out fully the contents as prescribed by the social insurance, labor, tax agencies, etc. not fully implemented.

Therefore, when arising personnel, the enterprise must perform fully or hire professional services to manage. To find out more about the best human resource management and social insurance services of Expertis, you can refer here:

Expetis has a management software with an unlimited number of employees, in addition, the implementation personnel are professionals with professional experience and handling experience when inspecting, checking, ensuring the correct set of documents. Profile for Enterprises with large number of employees.

  • Labor inspection risk;
  • Risk of data discrepancy between salary paid by social insurance and salaries included in enterprise costs;
  • Risk of wrong calculation, arrears and penalties.

To assess whether a business is at risk or not, you can contact the Expertis hotline to request, we will check, evaluate and give you a free consultation for your business.

You need advice with an accountant / tax expert?

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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