Ho Chi Minh City surveyed and assessed the impact of Covid-19 epidemic on businesses for the second time

On the afternoon of September 10, Ho Chi Minh City Statistical Office said that it was coordinating with the Tax Department, the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Information and Communications of the City to implement the unexpected investigation to the districts and the above enterprises. Ho Chi Minh City with content assess the impact of COVID-19 epidemic on business activities of the enterprise for the second time according to Decision No. 2 / QD-BKHDT, dated September 1369, 7 of the Minister of Planning and Investment. 

Implementation time to collect information from 10 to 20-9 and will be announced the survey results expected by the end of September 9.

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about the impact of COVID-19 epidemic on business production and business activities of enterprises; as well as assessing the level of support and the spread of the Government's policies, all levels and sectors to businesses in recent years. Through that, the Government, all levels, sectors and localities have policies and solutions to continue solving difficulties for production and business to help businesses respond better to the second COVID-19 epidemic. 

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Content and method of investigation

Content of the investigation: 

  • Information on identification of the investigating unit (name, address, telephone, fax, email, tax code, type of economy, main line of business);
  • The situation of production and business activities of the enterprise;
  • Solutions of businesses to respond to the impact of COVID-19 epidemic;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Government solutions to support businesses in solving difficulties and minimizing losses caused by COVID-19 epidemic;
  • Thematic information on the competitiveness of businesses.

Investigation method:

Investigation using online survey method, using web-form questionnaires, surveyors directly instructing enterprises to provide information on the online survey website of the enterprise survey year 2020. Objective test

The survey is to collect information from September 10-20, the published results are expected at the end of September 9. /.

Results of phase 1 investigation

As reported by the General Statistics Office, By the end of the survey (April 20, 4), the kResults of the first survey are as follows:

  • 126.565 enterprises responded (accounting for 20% of the total number of operating businesses with business results at the moment, of which 51/66 large corporations and corporations) have up to 85,7% of enterprises surveyed nationwide were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Of which, the industry - construction and service sector suffered the most from the COVID-19 epidemic with the rate of affected businesses being 86,1% and 85,9% respectively; while agriculture, forestry and fishery were less affected with 78,7%.
  • Some economic sectors have a high rate of businesses affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, typically: aviation 100%, accommodation services 97,1%, food services 95,5%, travel agency activities 95,7%, education and training 93,9%, followed by textile and garment, leather production, leather products, electronic products, and car export rate is over 90%.
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