Top 3 services should be outsourced in the field of Accounting - Tax

Tax regulations and policies change every year. The new amendments from the law require businesses to regularly update and adjust their accounting practices to avoid violating the laws, and at the same time aim to build a tax accounting system. PROFESSION, SAFE Let businesses feel secure to implement business strategies. 

With such a growing responsibility in accounting and taxation, most businesses today tend to find solutions outsourcing Accounting and taxation services Because this service brings a lot of benefits for businesses. Here are the Top 3 services in Accounting and Taxes that businesses should outsource.


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Top 3 services in accounting

1. Accounting and tax services package

Accounting and Taxation Services help businesses effectively solve problems related to Accounting, Tax, Social Insurance, Labor, Salary, Helping Enterprises achieve tax goals in the context of the law constantly changing.

Who needs to use this service?

  • Newly established businesses, not enough resources to deploy complete accounting activities, meeting the requirements of law.
  • Businesses do not know how to start the accounting process.
  • Enterprises worry about errors in accounting and accounting activities.
  • Businesses with accounting leave or changes make the process of consolidating and preparing books difficult.
  • Enterprises do not have representatives or representatives who do not have experience in tax finalization with tax authorities.
  • Internal accounting of the enterprise wishes to share the "burden" at work because it is impossible to undertake the work of internal accounting and state accounting at the same time.
  • Enterprises want to improve and optimize costs for their accounting system.

Advantages when using the KTT package service

  • Solving problems of internal accounting, state accounting
  • Optimizing costs for businesses
  • Ensuring the accuracy of data and records
  • High security
  • Been exposed and consulted by many experts

Expert content of Expertis

Expertis content and work done:

Consult and implement procedures for registering taxes of businesses

  • Prepare license tax reports
  • Prepare VAT Reports
  • Prepare reports on CIT and CIT finalization
  • Prepare Reports on Personal Income Tax and PIT finalization
  • Explanation of tax finalization upon request from tax authorities

Perform specific tasks of Accounting - Tax

  • Advise on the use of reasonable input and output invoices.
  • Classify original documents, balance input and output VAT.
  • Prepare a tax return, personal income tax return, report on the use of invoices, and temporarily calculate corporate income tax.
  • File a tax report with the tax authorities as prescribed.
  • Complete vouchers and bookkeeping
    • Making accounting vouchers: Import, export, revenue and expenditure
    • Set up detailed books for calculating product prices, goods inventory books, receivables and payables
    • Making forms of allocation, depreciation ... as prescribed
    • Payroll, labor-related forms.
    • Make ledgers of accounts
    • Make a general journal
    • Making CIT finalization, PIT.

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Service price list 

Expertis will quote accurately when knowing:

  • Business lines of the business
  • Average monthly invoice number
  • The accompanying needs of the customer


2. Service of making financial statements

Professional financial reporting service helps enterprises have a complete set of books and financial reports to meet the management requirements of business owners and state agencies and useful needs of users in making economic decisions.

There are 2 types of financial statements which are annual financial statements and interim financial statements

  • Annual financial statements: applicable to all types of businesses of all sectors and economic sectors.
  • Interim financial statements:

+ Enterprises of which the State owns 100% of charter capital or holds dominant shares, units with public interests must prepare mid-year financial statements;

+ All other types of businesses are encouraged to do so

Who should use the service to prepare financial statements?

All businesses want to ensure the accuracy and safety of data, minimize the risk of being collected.

Content of financial statements preparation

Expertis service processes include 3 steps:

1 step: Check the prepared reports (tax returns, documents, invoices ...)

2 step: Prepare financial statements

3 step: Complete the books (issue financial statements, explain and work with tax authorities ...)

The advantages of using DV

  • Having complete financial statements, high accuracy and safety
  • Advice on solutions to help businesses comply with tax laws
  • Advising on solutions to help optimize payable tax amounts in accordance with tax law
  • Advising on repairs and adjustment of compliance with tax regulations

Service prices

Expertis will quote accurately when knowing:

  • Business lines of the business
  • Average monthly invoice number
  • The accompanying needs of the customer

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3. Tax settlement advisory service

Tax finalization is required for every business to fulfill tax obligations within a specific time frame of the business.

Who should use the service of Tax Settlement Advisory?

This service is exclusively for businesses that already have a complete accounting system and this is a useful solution to improve the reliability of the Enterprise Accounting System, and to control Tax and Accounting risks.

When do businesses need to implement QTT?

Enterprises should perform QTT at the end of the fiscal year or in case of business dissolution.

Content of QTT Services of Expertis

  • Collect information
  • Check and review all kinds of documents
  • Consulting on adjusting and correcting inappropriate documents
  • Prepare tax finalization reports
  • Advise businesses in the course of work: Consultancy on adjusting and balancing data; orientation to handle tax violations ...

Why should outsource QTT instead of enterprises do it by themselves?

  • The job requires high professional, accounting must have a lot of experience in the settlement
  • Subjects performing work must be upright and transparent
  • The workload of a tax finalization is very large, if the enterprise itself costs a lot more than outsourcing services.
  • The representative of the representative on behalf of the business who explains to the tax office must be a highly qualified and skilled personnel who works with the tax authorities.

Service prices 

Expertis will quote accurately when knowing:

  • Business lines of the business
  • Average monthly invoice number
  • The accompanying needs of the customer

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