Procedures for adding or changing business lines for enterprises

Since the change in the Law on Import-Export Enterprise, the business line is no longer a compulsory item in the Business Registration Certificate. Enterprises can choose any business lines except those on the prohibited list. However, in Section a, Clause 2014 Article 1 of this Law provides that when an enterprise wants to change or supplement its business lines, Enterprises must carry out procedures for notification of additional registration or change of business registration lines according to the required contents.

Therefore, Expertis will once again inform you about the procedures, processes and deadlines for implementation in the Enterprise Law of 2014 year so that enterprises can carry out conveniently when problems arise.

procedure for changing business lines

Procedures for supplementing or changing business lines

1 step: Enterprises prepare complete dossiers as prescribed

Component profile

1- Notice of changes in contents of I-15 enterprise registration (signed by the legal representative)
2- Written decision on the addition or change of business lines of the Members 'Council (signed by the Chairman of the Members' Council). The decision must specify the changes in the company's charter
3- A valid copy of the meeting minutes on the addition or change of business lines of the Members' Council (signed by the chairman and the record maker). The minutes must specify the changes in the company's charter

4- The original certificate of enterprise registration or certificate of business registration and certificate of tax registration or certificate of business registration and tax registration;

5- Table of contents (recorded in the order above);

6- Paperboard (with paper board or hard nylon without words used for other purposes).

7- Information of the person submitting application

Number of records: 01 set

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Step 2: Enterprise submits documents at Business Registration Office

Where registered change of business lines: can through 2 channel

- Register changes and submit documents directly at the Business Registration Office - Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise is headquartered.
- Via the National Business Registration Information Portal Then come directly to apply at the Business Registration Office.

Step 3: Business Registration Office checks the validity of the file and records processing of the business

Based on the 3 Article Article 31 on the time limit for processing enterprise dossiers, the Enterprise Law of the year 2014 stipulates:

“The business registration agency is responsible for reviewing the validity of the application file and issuing a new business registration certificate within 03 working days from the date of receipt of the file. In case of refusal, they must notify in writing to the enterprises. The notice must clearly state the reason; requests for amendments and supplements (if any). ”

Step 4: Based on the appointment date on the Receipt, the business will come to the Business Registration Office to receive the results of dossier processing or register to receive the results at the address through the enterprise that returns the results via Post Office.

Announcing the content of changing business registration content

After completing the procedure of supplementing or changing business lines, the enterprise must re-publish the enterprise registration content. Specifically, based on Article 33 on Publication of enterprise registration content requires enterprises:

1. Public announcement on the National Portal of enterprise registration within the prescribed time limit.

2. The time limit for public announcement of information about enterprises is 30 days from the date of publication.

Notes when performing the procedure

There are 2 points that businesses should keep in mind when carrying out procedures for changing or supplementing business lines.

1. The legal representative of the enterprise is responsible for notifying the change of business registration information within 10 days from the date of change. (Based on Clause 2 Article 32)

2. Do not handwrite forms to submit applications; Do not use stapler to press records (using staples); Dossiers and copies of personal identification papers, practice certificates, and accompanying papers must use A4 sized papers.

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Support of Expertis

When you use the service of additional registration, changing the business lines of Expertis will be supported with the following issues:

Ho tro

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Advice on the legality of the industry that businesses want to supplement or change.


1. Charges payable to the state

► 200.000đ fee for supplementing industry applications and granting new business certificates to the Department of Planning and Investment

► 300.000đ Publication fee for supplementing business lines at the national portal

2. Expertis service fee:

Only from 1 million for the whole process!

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