Establishing a Vietnamese enterprise

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Establishing a Vietnamese enterprise

Expertis provides services to set up businesses with Vietnamese capital all in one, profession and fast. We consult the procedures and records when establishing the company in accordance with the law, helping you save time and unnecessary costs.

Expertis's ability

Working methods

Expertis' Vietnam-based business establishment service focuses on service quality and build relationships Long term with customers. This method allows us understanding All aspects of the business and business environment want to operate, to ensure time optimization, help work effectively and cost competitive.

Board of Directors, a team of auditors, foreign experts with many years of experience

Expertis has 15 years of auditing and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese enterprises

Expertis always supports, consults and understands the customer's business reality

When establishing a new business - What difficulties will you face?

Determine whether the necessary and sufficient conditions are not correct

Conditions on the subject, conditions of members, specific conditions of type of business, ...

Difficulties in working after establishing a business

Identify incorrectly important things to do after starting a business

Preparing the application is not true enough

Types of papers needed? What types of documents and documents are needed in special cases?

Do not know the timing of the implementation process

Improperly updating procedures and procedures when conducting implementation leads to time and costs

Expertis will advise on issues you need to know when starting a business?

Business consulting, business conditions

+ Refer to the list of business lines and business conditions here -

+ Legal capital (Real estate, protection, finance ...)

+ Conditions of practice certificate (Director or manager)

+ Facilities conditions (order security, fire protection, food safety and hygiene ...)

Advice on relevant legal policies

+ Tax policy for business activities to be established. Preferential policies of the state for business activities of enterprises, conditions for enjoyment.

+ Requirements on business management, finance, accounting, auditing, statistics and investment.

+ Labor, salary, social insurance, unemployment insurance policies.

+ Reporting regime for a number of separate professions.

Consult relevant legal papers

+ Individual contribution of capital: valid ID card or passport

+ Capital contribution organization: Business registration certificate, financial report, investment decision, appointment decision ...

+ Head office: Lease contract to borrow headquarters

+ Practicing certificate

+ Document proving legal capital

Consulting service Establishing a Vietnamese business with Expertis' package package 3

In order to help business owners shorten the time to implement business projects, use capital efficiently, investment consulting services and establish Vietnamese enterprises with Expertis to support business owners about procedures and lakes. Profile in accordance with state regulations to save time and costs for businesses.

+ Business certificate

+ Round seal

+ Report on the national information

+ Tax registration

+ Register accounting regime

+ Registration of financial reporting period

+ Registering Director, Chief Accountant

+ Check office

+ Register other taxes (depending on the case)

+ Consulting using electronic invoice software

Order and procedures for establishing Vietnamese enterprises

Receive information and quote services

- Receive information of foreign customers about investment plans, advise customers of the content to know when investing

- Service and Consulting quotation to prepare necessary documents and documents to set up investment projects

Implement the process of applying for investment certificates, business certificates, business licenses (for commercial companies)

- Prepare application file for investment certificate

- The representative of the investor submits the dossier to the competent authorities

- Keep track of the process of application processing and notification as well as support investors to resolve cases where applications are rejected

- Receive an investment certificate and apply for a business registration certificate as well as a legal entity seal

After obtaining the investment certificate, it is time for the enterprise to carry out the application file to establish an enterprise with foreign invested capital.

- Next, the staff submits documents to the Business Registration Office - Department of Planning and Investment

- Receive the results of registration of establishment of the company and hand over according to the minutes (permit, seal, certification of seal specimen, tax agency to customers)

Perform consultancy and support procedures after establishing a business

- Implement procedures to announce business registration information at the Business Registration Agency

- Engraving the enterprise seal and posting a notice on the use of the enterprise seal form on the national electronic portal on business registration

  • Implement procedures for initial declaration and payment of taxes for enterprises
  • Open a bank account and notify the business registration office and tax administration agency directly
  • Other procedures as prescribed by law

Why should we choose us? Our advantages locally?

Expertis provides and advises the right solutions, procedures, papers and policies to help businesses shorten the process of establishing a company, quickly join the general development of the market.
Expertis is one of the largest enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City that specializes in providing business establishment services. We provide services with the quality of an international business and local insight.
With sharp experience and skills, honed through 15 years of experience, we approach many different business lines and have a deep understanding of the business environment as well as regulations affecting How are each industry, so we provide business owners with valuable advice, useful in establishing and operating the accounting and human resource apparatus after the establishment in the most effective way.
With a team of professional and trained personnel, we are committed to that, all the services we provide are of high quality, satisfy customers and protect the business at the maximum.

Frequently asked questions

At Clause 2 Article 18 of the Law on Enterprises 2014. To explain and clarify the provisions of this Law, the provisions on Who does not establish a business is clearly specified ...See more details

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