Tax Audit

You will get access to a very helpful service that will ensure the confidence of the Health of your corporate financial system and tax liability

Meeting legal requirement

Financial statement must be audited regulated by law

Better financial system

Controlling and correcting the financial system weaknesses

Avoid tax risk

Understanding tax compliance status and avoid tax risks

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Why you need Financial Statement Audit

Because of the complexity of the different regulations on financial accounting standards, taxation, standards of financial statement presentation, the obligation of the Directorate for Financial Reporting

Meanwhile, business owners, investors, board of directors expect the financial information must be presented in a full, accurate and reasonable. To achieve this requires a lot of time-consuming, effort and expertise to complete

The audits are useful tools solve these difficulties, providing confidence for the board of directors in the financial system, the risk that the business may face. Audit also help to reduce personal liability of corporate executives.

We will provide 4 useful results

Expertis audit methodology is built for compatibility with current regulations and the latest regulations on regimes, accounting standards applied to enterprises in Vietnam, with the techniques and knowledge to be able to detect any wrong in the system. We will provide useful following 4 things:

Audited Financial statement

Provide financial statements audited for statutory enterprises

Advice on internal control

Advice on internal control systems and weaknesses in the system


Advice on tax law compliance status, tax risks businesses may face


Advice on accounting adjustments, tax adjustment in according

We assured the quality of our services




We audit with the deep understanding of business operations, the problems of the business environment in the current legislation

We also consider the risks that companies face as well as weaknesses in the internal control systems of the enterprise

We always discuss with the board of directors of the problems arising in the auditing process in the spirit of bringing the highest value to the enterprise audited

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