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Detail of typical services

Tax reports

  • Tax reports, including: VAT, Corporate income tax, Personal income tax, License tax, Contractor tax
  • Annual tax returns for Corporate income tax, Personal income tax
  • Interacting with Tax Authority as required
  • Consulting and analyzing documents, invoice, tax reports


  • Setting up accounting model in accordance with tax
  • Bookkeeping and preparing accounting book with registered accounting regime
  • Preparing annual financial statement

Consulting & supporting

  • Consulting of tax policies and accounting regulations
  • Consulting of economic contracts, labor contracts, pay-roll as required
  • Updating latest relevant information of tax, investment and business

Statistic reports

  • Preparing statistic reports as required by the Statistic Authority

Investment reports for FDI companies

  • Preparing investment reports as required by the License Authority described in the Investment license

Available Add-ons

Social insurance management

Monthly Social insurance management

Registering changes in the salary scale

Registering the increase or decrease employees

Registering Social insurance enjoying

Registering extension of health insurance permission


Preparing Labor contract

Calculating monthly pay-roll

Calculating allowances, deductions for dependents, reducing personal income tax of the employees

Preparing salary payments

Supporting in working with banks for salary payment

Our commits of the quality

Our Award

We have obtained “Asia Most Impactful Service Award” in Asian event 2016