Taxation of import and export tax: Determined to fulfill the task of State budget revenue

On 29 / 8 / 2019, Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung has issued Directive No. 01 / CT-BTC on strengthening the budget collection work, striving to complete the budget collection task and public duties. tax administration partner 2019. The directive emphasizes the duty of tax authorities at all levels to implement drastically management of revenue, exploit revenue sources, and combat revenue losses to exceed the assigned targets.

Increase tax collection

In order for the tax industry to achieve the goal of collecting the State Budget, the Minister pointed out a number of key tasks:

Agree on the management of budget collection and payment throughout the tax system

All agencies in the tax system from the General Department to the Department of Taxation, Sub-departments of Taxation and tax teams need to closely manage the subjects of collection, closely monitor the budget collection and payment progress in order to promptly deploy measures to collection, exploitation increase revenue. At the same time, regularly assessing the results, implementation progress, solving difficulties and obstacles in the management process in order to exceed the State budget revenue estimates for the year of 10 years of export processing in the assigned areas.

For tax debts

Strengthen the monitoring of debts to timely urge, remind taxpayers, enhance the handling of debts. In case of necessity, agencies may apply debt enforcement measures, disclose tax debt information on the mass media, coordinate with local authorities to set up interdisciplinary teams to review collection. to recover tax debts and thoroughly collect new debts arising in the year of import-export.

Strengthen control of the implementation of tax inspection

Each tax authority must manage the tax inspection of businesses subject to high tax risks, large tax refund enterprises or associated enterprises with high risks of transfer prices, etc. each week, month and quarter to easily arrange inspection and examination resources as well as convenience in control.

For land revenues, local tax authorities shall proactively coordinate with land management agencies and local financial agencies in reviewing the collection and payment of land use levies, land rents and rents. water surface. To promptly report to competent authorities the handling of problems to ensure full and timely collection of revenues to the State Budget.

Finally, timely monitoring and updating the performance of businesses; especially big businesses. Speeding up the supervision of taxpayers' tax declaration in order to promptly collect arising taxes to prevent low declaration, not close to reality or transfer to the next declaration period, thus affecting the collected tax amounts. State budget.

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