Check tax compliance and accounting

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Check tax compliance and accounting

Services Check compliance with tax and accounting standards to help businesses Complete accounting and tax compliance goals through the results of the inspection, review and advice from Expertis auditors.

Expertis compliance service help the accounting management of enterprises be unified, provide complete and truthful information on the principle of publicity, transparency, and meet the requirements of state agencies, enterprises and individuals.

Expertis's ability

Working methods

Expertis's Tax Compliance and Accounting Compliance Services focus on service quality and build relationships Long term with Customers. This method allows us understanding all aspects of the Enterprise and the business environment in operation, in order to ensure the work is focused on the right nature, time, help the work to be effective and most competitive.

Board of Directors, a team of auditors, foreign experts with many years of experience

Expertis has 15 years of auditing and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese enterprises

Expertis always supports, consults and understands the customer's business reality

Service content Accounting - Tax Compliance

Check and review all records, vouchers, invoices, ... of the enterprise in accordance with the provisions and standards of the Tax Law and Accounting.

After finishing the review, Expertis will provide 01 enterprises with a set of review reports including:
»Consultancy reports on issues discovered when conducting the review;
»Advice on internal control system and weaknesses in the enterprise system;
»Advice on the status of tax law compliance, tax risks businesses may face;
»Advice on amendments and adjustments to accounting and tax in accordance with the law

Benefits of using Expertis Tax Compliance and Accounting Check services

Clear and transparent inspection and review process

The review is performed on the principles of independence, objectivity and data confidentiality.

The work is conducted seriously and fully content

Expertis is always responsible for informing businesses in advance about the content and plan of review, ensuring the right route

Personnel perform highly specialized

The team of employees who perform the work for businesses are highly specialized, sensitive to the problems of tax law and accounting.

Advice specific adjustments in accordance with the law and the situation of the business

Expertis advise in detail the accounting and tax adjustments in accordance with the law and the situation of the business.

To improve the Enterprise Accounting System - safer, businesses should use the following services:

Insurance records management

»Register to change the payroll scale

»Registration to increase or decrease labor

»Implement procedures for enjoying social insurance

»Prepare insurance spreadsheet to pay monthly

»Comparing insurance

»Renew health insurance card

Salary and Payroll

»Making labor contracts

»Prepare a monthly salary table

»Calculate family deductions, reduce dependents, reduce employee's personal income tax

»Prepare salary payment tables for employees

»Support working with payroll banks

Personal Income Tax return

»Register personal MST

»Consulting to issue deduction vouchers

»Declaring and preparing Personal Income Tax Report

" Finalization

»Consultation on personal income tax payment

»Consultation of dependency profiles

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Frequently asked questions

If an error occurs due to Expertis, we will take full responsibility.

  • Be assured of your compliance with Accounting and Tax
  • Full and accurate book records
  • There are always personnel who are willing to replace enterprises to work with tax authorities when required

When the Enterprise Book System is cluttered, the high possibility will face the following conditions:

  • There is a lack of consistency between years on accounting, accounting and books on accounting system
  • Data is not balanced, businesses think of profits but turn out losses due to wrong accounting
  • The reasonableness of financial statements is not guaranteed.
  • A wide range of costs is at risk of being overpaid, subject to collection and payment of taxes and penalties.
  • Unable to explain when tax finalization, resulting in tax and penalties ...

With increasing responsibility in accounting and taxation due to the changing legal environment, today most businesses tend to work towards solutions. outsourcing Accounting and taxation services Because this service brings a lot of benefits for businesses.

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