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Services to help businesses have a complete set of books and financial statements, meet management requirements of business owners, state agencies and users' useful needs in making economic decisions.

Expertis provides independent audit services designed to help customers enhance the honesty and reliability of financial information.

Expertis's ability

  • Quality
  • To build a relationship
  • Understanding

Working methods

Expertis' financial reporting audit service focuses on service qualitybuild relationships Long term with Customers. This allows us understanding All aspects of the business and business environment are in operation, to ensure that the work is focused on the right nature, time, and help the work to be effective and cost-competitive.

Board of Directors, a team of auditors, foreign experts with many years of experience

Expertis has 15 years of auditing and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese enterprises

Expertis always supports, consults and understands the customer's business reality

Content of Auditing Financial Statements

Expertis applies auditing methods designed in accordance with the size and type of business of each enterprise. We conduct a thorough review of the financial statements of the business to ensure that the information in the financial statements of the business is always be full and accurate Best.

Expertis provides services related to financial statement review. Depending on the needs of the business, we conduct a review of the interim financial statements or the year-end financial statements.

Expertis goes into depth analysis of financial information in the financial statements of the business, and discusses details with company personnel to provide matching results most for business.

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is an important change in the preparation and presentation of financial statements and is the change in the largest accounting standard in the era.

Expertis conducts an audit of its financial statements according to IFRSs international financial reporting standards to help international financial transactions reduce costs and increase transparency.

Benefits of using Expertis Financial Reporting Services

Great value 4 You will receive from our service

Consultation on compliance with Vietnamese tax laws

Advising on policies and innovations in Vietnam's Tax Law, helping businesses comply with new laws

Provide audit report
Consulting Perfecting internal control
Advice on correctness according to complicated accounting standards

Frequently asked questions

  • The unit has a lot of experience related to your business
  • The unit must understand financial, accounting and tax knowledge; communication skills ... (because this factor plays an important role in the quality of services to be provided)
  • Ability to be ready for customer support
  • Meet the needs and service costs

Expertis has processes that help hand over and receive information between customers and Expertis in a smooth, complete and quick way. Moreover, changing services can help enterprises have other perspectives on their businesses, avoiding risks from working and thinking of the way.

With more than 200 years of experience, Expertis has audited thousands of large and small enterprises, we have conducted audits for almost all types of businesses in all fields such as IT, Trade, Manufacturing. Export, Construction, Processing .... Therefore, Expertis can perform audits for any business.

Expertis' customer support program is to advise customers during the period of 12 months from the end of the audit. Therefore, if the enterprise stops using Expertis' service, Expertis will still support and advise enterprises during the one year after the audit.

In order to arrange the audit plan and fully prepare the audit file, the customer should sign before the field audit date for working days.

Depending on the type of business and arising of the business, the time limit for issuing the report is 10 - 20 from the date the customer provides complete documentation for Expertis.

The price list of financial statement audit service depends on the level of work or more or making Vietnamese or English reports. Therefore, customers can choose an appointment for CTY Expertis to contact soonest >> APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE

In order to eliminate risks for businesses, Expertis has 1 services that you can see more that is "Compliance audit service"

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