Export sector starts to "bumper" with the Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA)

After just over a month, the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) took effectVietnam's export activities of agricultural and aquatic products have continuously received good news related to the EU market. TThe export value of agricultural, forestry and fishery products to the EU in August 8 was US $ 2020 million, up 350% compared to July 17. 

Review of important achievements in the export of Agriculture and Fisheries products of Vietnam over the past 1 month are as follows:

Export of Agriculture and Fisheries has continuously received outstanding achievements

Export value Rice increased by more than 90%, vegetables and fruits increased by more than 25%

According to Director of Department of International Cooperation (MARD) - Mr. Nguyen Do Anh Tuan said, in about 1 month of EVFTA implementation, Vietnam's rice export activities achieved outstanding results. 

Specifically, Trung An High-Tech Agriculture Joint Stock Company (Can Tho City) has signed a contract to sell 3.000 tons of rice to 3 customers of the Federal Republic of Germany with 2 varieties of fragrant rice, ST20 and Jasmine. Notably, the price of ST20 rice exported to the EU by Trung An Hi-Tech Agricultural Joint Stock Company is over $ 1.000 / ton, and Jasmine rice is about $ 600 / ton. Meanwhile, before the EVFTA took effect, the price of ST20 rice exported to the EU was only about 800 USD / ton, while Jasmine rice was 520 USD / ton.

In general, the price of Vietnam's rice exports to the EU market has increased in popularity from 80-200 USD / ton, depending on type compared to the time before EVFTA took effect. It is estimated that Vietnam's rice export value in August 8 is more than 2020 million USD into the EU market, up 93,5% over July 7 and 2020% over the same period last year.

In addition to rice, Vietnamese fresh vegetables and fruits are also assessed to have been open to the EU since August 1. Currently, the EU is the fourth export market for Vietnamese fruits and vegetables. EVFTA free trade agreement

Mr. Tuan said that this existing platform plus import tax exemption and reduction as committed in EVFTA are empowering to help increase the competitiveness of Vietnamese fruit compared to competitors. In terms of numbers, The export value of Vietnamese fruit and vegetable products to the EU market in August 8 was estimated at 2020 million USD, up 14,7% over July 25,2 and up 7% over the same period in 2020. .

Besides rice, vegetables, and coffee, it is also assessed that the export value can increase in the EU market in the near future when the tax rate is reduced from 15% to 0%. The EU is the market that consumes the most coffee in Vietnam, accounting for 40% of the total volume and 38% of the total export value of the country (average coffee export value to the EU is 1,2-1,4). billion USD / year in the past 5 years).

Number of seafood orders increased by 10%, the first shrimp export orders of Vietnam were transferred

From the beginning of August 8 up to now, seafood exports have increased by about 2020% compared to July 10. In which, the increased products focus more on shrimp and squid ...

On September 11, the first batch of frozen shrimp products of Vietnam officially "set off" to the EU after more than a month of EVFTA Agreement took effect.

According to the report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Within 1 month from August 1 to August 8, authorized organizations issued more than 31 sets of C / O (Certificate of origin) model EUR.1 with a turnover of 277 million USD to 28 EU countries. The items that have been granted EUR.1 C / O form are mainly footwear, seafood, plastic and plastic products, coffee, textiles, bags, suitcases, vegetables, rattan products, bamboo. , Knit,..

Thereby, it shows the level of interest of businesses as well as the importance of this market for Vietnam's exports. since EVFTA came into effect.

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EFTA free trade agreement

Extend the chain of exciting export activities to the EU market

According to a reporter of the Customs Newspaper, the following export activities will take place:

  • Exported the first Lime Lime batch to EU on September 16th according to EVFTA in Gia Lai 
  • Fruit export ceremony to EU under EVFTA on 17/9 in Ben Tre
  • To focus on promoting Vietnam's key export sectors, such as tiger shrimp
  • Many enterprises in the leather and footwear industry have made plans such as restructuring the apparatus, the availability of factory infrastructure and raw materials to meet the commitments of the Agreement, and increase investment in machinery to improve quality. product quantity.

The representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade emphasized that from now until the end of the year, the Ministry will continue to urge and synthesize the EVFTA Implementation Plan of the ministries, branches and localities to report to the Prime Minister; coordinate with the Government Office in monitoring and implementing these plans. EVFTA free trade agreement

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also continues to propagate and disseminate commitments in the areas of trade in goods, trade in services, investment, and plans to reduce / eliminate import tax. commitments on market access of the EVFTA Agreement to improve understanding of people and businesses of the Agreement's commitments.

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