Launch of Electronic Copy Authentication service on July 01, 7 on the National Service Portal

On the morning of June 4, 6, Minister, Chairman of the Government Office - Mai Tien Dung, Head of the Working Group deploying the electronic copy authentication service from the original on the National Public Service Portal (NSC) chaired the first meeting of the working group with relevant ministries and agencies on the development of the system of authentication of copies from the originals on the NTP. Electronic Copy authentication service

It is known that the service will be launched on July 01, 7.

Decisions and ways to grant electronic copies to people

Moreover, according to the Ministry of Justice's statistics on the number of documents that need to be authenticated by the NSC portal in 2019, There are over 102 million records that must be notarized. With the current large number of transactions, if people make electronic documents on the National Service Portal and still submit certified copies, or present paper copies, it is really "not good" when it costs time and expenses society. If the 30% of certified results can be used again, the social cost savings will be 428,4 billion VND / year ”.

Therefore, the Government leaders have agreed to deploy the service of certifying electronic copies from the originals on the NTP. The service implementation team has also been established, tasked with researching and developing services to ensure compliance with the provisions of Article 10 of Decree 45.

The Electronic Copy authentication service will open on July 1, 7. Accordingly, instead of issuing paper copies, organizations and individuals can request competent state agencies to issue electronic copies in two ways:

Method 1: Issue an electronic copy from the original file
The original register management agency will base on the original book to issue an electronic version with a digital signature of the agency to the requester.
Method 2: Authenticating electronic copies from originals (papers, documents)
The authenticator checks the originals, takes an electronic snapshot from the originals, receives the authenticated copies from the originals, and performs the digital signature of the authenticator; Authorities will authenticate and update the authentication books.

Value and utility of Electronic Copy

The certified electronic copy is as valid as the original

According to Mr. Ngo Hai Phan - Director of the Administration of Administrative Procedures (VPCP), when implementing the service of authenticating electronic copies from the originals on the National Service Portal,  In addition to carrying out authentication, this service also provides appointment facilities with people and businesses, reducing waiting time when completing procedures.

Mr. Phan also added, with regulations An electronic copy authenticated from the original is valid to use instead of the original Used to verify transactions (unless otherwise provided by law), “Thus, people and businesses can complete online procedures for most of the administrative procedures. is provided in an electronic environment, eliminating the need to submit certified copies / present paper copies to verify current records ”.

The digitally signed and stamped digital authenticated copy ensures integrity, accuracy and can be reused many times.

Utility of Electronic copies

Regarding the utility of electronic copy, Mr. Phan emphasized:

  • For agencies and utilities, the whole process of issuing certified copies from the originals on the NTP portal system is ensured, ensuring that the certified copies are full of information as prescribed. , uniform in form.
  • For cadres and civil servants, when receiving certified electronic copies, it is easy to check the integrity and accuracy to settle for the next procedure.

Security issue

In terms of security, the Government Cipher Board said will provide verification of validity of digital signatures, ensuring the safety and integrity of the electronic authenticated copies already granted to individuals, agencies and organizations.

For deploying digital signature on the service of certifying electronic copies from the originals, when logging into the system, officials who implement this system may use digital authentication to log in.

According to the Government Cipher Committee, this is a management measure to restrict unauthorized access to the system. In addition, the unit will build and publish the service of signing and certifying copies on the NTP.

The VPCP's Chairman stated that, in the process of moving towards a digital society, a digital economy, promoting electronic transactions, the certification of electronic copies from the originals is very important, because instead of the tradition of authenticating copies After issuing paper results, the electronic copy certification service will be used from the originals on the National Service Portal and issue electronic copies.

In order for the service to open on July 1, 7, the Chairman of VPCP asked agencies, people and businesses to support the Prime Minister's policy to promote the implementation of administrative procedures in the environment. electronic.

At the meeting, as of June 3, 6, the NSCF recorded quite a large amount of data:

  • More than 41 million visits;
  • 159 thousand registered accounts;
  • 9 million records synchronized status;
  • More than 102 thousand records were made through the National Service Portal;
  • Receiving and supporting more than 12 calls of people and businesses.

So far, the NSC has integrated and provided 458 online public services (of which, 203 services for citizens and 266 services for businesses).

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