Areas of Specialization

The power of industry experience is clear. We're here to help you get the most out of your abilities and resources. Expertis provides services in the following professions – specialized fields:

Trade Sector

Managing inventory and goods is an important issue of a commercial enterprise, it determines the success or failure of many businesses, many sales businesses have high profits but fail to manage inventories. hindering the development of enterprises.

  • Trade
  • Import and export
  • Network marketing
  • Pharmaceutical peculiarities
  • Ecommerce
  • Wholesale and retail center

Service industry

The ability to manage the cost of each service, calculate the cost of services is the key to deciding the quality of service management of the business, we have a lot of experience in managing service business costs. 

  • Restaurant Hotel
  • Beauty Service (Spa)
  • Advertising Services
  • Entertainment service
  • Schools

Transportation, Logistic industry

This is a very specific industry, requiring knowledge and experience in organizing an accounting system to meet the specific requirements of the transport, logistics, and forwarder industries (cost, collection, payment, etc. , contractors ...). Director's knowledge of accounting and taxation is very important for this type of business.

  • Sea transport
  • Selling international freight
  • Express delivery
  • Maritime and aviation services

Construction industry

The most important thing for a construction business is to manage the cost of each project, project, inventory and progress, from estimating to performing appropriately.

  • Civil and industrial construction contractors
  • Interior design
  • Design and Consulting services

Information technology industry

Support to identify and meet the conditions for VAT exemption and reduction, measurement and distribution of VAT, determination of software production, software services and important planning-related issues. Information Technology.

  • Software production
  • Website design
  • Information technology services


Unlike retailers, manufacturers have raw materials and finished products, all of which contribute to the calculation of the cost of manufactured goods, an important measure to understand the situation and your business status.

  • Mechanical
  • Fashion, Garment
  • Sea food
  • Export processing