Instructions to adjust invoices for businesses in Thu Duc city

In order for the rearrangement of administrative units not to affect the business operations of taxpayers, business organizations and individuals in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department has guide invoice adjustment for enterprises in Thu Duc city. buy a new invoice book.

Follow the instructions at Official Letter 333_CTTPHCM-TTHT using invoices issued by Thu Duc City, whereby:

Since the business registration certificate has been converted by the competent authority of the address of the head office according to the new administrative unit (or from the date of the official administrative apparatus of Thu Duc city) action - February 07, 2) organizations and individuals doing business in the administrative division that change the name of the administrative unit shall write the address information and do not have to send the notice of information adjustment in the notice of issuance. invoice (TB2021 / AC) to the tax agency directly managing it (form No. 04 in Appendix 3.13 issued together with Circular 3/39 / TT-BTC).

  • Business organizations using self-printed invoices and e-invoices must actively install software to change the address criteria on invoices and vouchers according to the name of the new administrative unit;
  • For pre-printed invoices, information of the old administrative unit shall be crossed out, stamped with information of the new administrative unit on pre-printed invoices for further use.
  • For business organizations and individuals that buy invoices from tax authorities, cross out information about old administrative units, stamp new administrative unit information on invoices with pre-stamped geographic information. only on the invoice to continue to use or delete to buy a new invoice book.

Note: The time of changing information on the invoice is the time the business registration certificate was issued to change the address of the head office according to Thu Duc City, not the time of establishment of Thu Duc City.

Author: Specialized Committee
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