Support Online Tax Finalization 2020

In the context of the COVID-19 translation, the General Department of Taxation will strengthen the online support and answer all questions of taxpayers related to tax finalization in 2020.

The leader of the Taxpayer Support and Propaganda Department (General Department of Taxation) said that in the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, at the same time, to create favorable conditions for businesses and taxpayers to make final settlement Tax year 2020, the General Department of Taxation will organize online support.

Channel for online tax finalization

The General Department of Taxation said that in order to accompany and support taxpayers to facilitate tax declaration and submission of tax declaration dossiers, this agency continues to implement the finalization of personal income tax through electronic applications.

The latest version and free offer to taxpayers through the page

If using this application, the taxpayer will be supported to correctly and fully declare each item on the declaration, assist in calculating, determining the amount of tax payable according to regulations, and supporting the output of the declaration for the taxpayer. You can file tax returns in the form of paper documents or electronic documents.

In addition to using the above tax declaration support application, taxpayers can declare tax directly on the portal of General Department of Taxation.

The tax industry is also continuing to promote cooperation with commercial banks to build features on application platforms such as IntenetBanking, MobileBanking, ... thereby maximizing support for taxpayers to make electricity tax payment transactions. death.

Other support methods

In the direction of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation, localities are also actively implementing synchronous measures to support taxpayers to well implement tax finalization in 2020. Specifically, leaders of the Tax Department Ninh Binh province requires offices, departments, regional tax offices to fully implement and promptly deploy the "Month accompanying taxpayers to perform tax finalization in 2020" from March 1, 3 to the end March 2021, 31.

The units take the initiative and promote various forms of support for applicants via internet, social networks, telephone, and email to reduce direct contact with taxpayers while ensuring fast and effective support. . Ninh Binh Tax Department also said that individuals pay by sending tax finalization files via the web portal of General Department of Taxation at, and at the same time sending paper copies. By post, the section assigned to process the application is responsible for approving the individual's settlement file that has been submitted on the portal. The date of successful submission of the dossier is determined to be the date the electronic tax portal of the General Department of Taxation accepts the tax finalization declaration dossier.

If you do not do this online, individuals who directly make the settlement with the tax authorities will still be supported until the end of April 30, 4. The settlement is implemented at the one-stop department of the tax agency.


To submit questions, as well as problems related to tax finalization, taxpayers can access the web portal of General Department of Taxation, then ask questions online. Tax officers will have to be willing to receive and answer questions submitted by taxpayers.

Officers in relevant departments and units of the General Department of Taxation will receive questions and problems related to tax policy, as well as procedures, dossiers, and places to receive tax finalization dossiers for taxpayers. tax through the web portal of General Department of Taxation.

Previously, in order for taxpayers to know and proactively fulfill their tax obligations, the General Department of Taxation issued detailed instructions on the personal income tax policy for the tax finalization period of 2020. The contents of the instructions have concretized. in terms of family deductions, cases subject to tax settlement, authorization of tax finalization.

The leader of the Ministry of Finance said that up to now, 100% of the Ministry of Finance's administrative procedures have been provided with online public services. In which, online public services at levels 3 and 4 reach nearly 60%. At the same time, up to 51% of online public services at level 3,4, XNUMX of the Ministry of Finance have been integrated into the National Public Service Portal, including online payment services such as: online payment of fees, charges, taxes and other financial obligations.

online support

Tax and accounting experts will consult online to answer your questions.

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