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Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants
Right from its inception, VACPA's activities have received the attention and direction of the Ministry of Finance, expressed through the assignment and authorization to the Association to perform a number of professional and professional management jobs. One of the important decisions made during the year of 2005 is Decision No. 47 / 2005 / QD-BTC dated 14 / 7 / 2005 transferring to VACPA some contents of management work of auditing practice. In the year of 2007, the Ministry of Finance issued Decision No. 32 / 2007 / QD-BTC promulgating the regulation on quality control of audit services and assigning the Association to directly inspect auditing companies. Especially since the year of 2008, VACPA has been authorized by the Ministry of Finance to study, draft and update the Vietnam Standards on Auditing System in Decision No. 1053 / QD-BTC dated 13 / 5 / 2008. The scope of professional activities of the Association is also stated in Article 12 of the Law on Independent Auditing and Article 4 of Decree No. 17 / 2012 ND-CP, confirming the position of the Association in the overall development of the inspection industry. Vietnam's independent math team.


Vietnam Tax Consulting Association
Vietnam's tax system has been comprehensively reformed since the year of import and export. Through the year of implementation, the tax policy system has been amended and supplemented to suit the development of the economy as well as similar to the tax system in the region and the world. Revenue from taxes is increasing, occupying the most important position in the total state budget revenue. In recent years, the tax administration apparatus has been studied and transformed from the mechanism of taxation calculation and issuance of tax notices to the mechanism of taxpayers' self-declaration, self-calculation and tax payment. New tax administration requires taxpayers to understand tax policy and voluntarily declare and pay taxes.


Vietnam Accounting and Auditing Association
Actively participating with the State in economic-financial policies, promulgating accounting regimes, methods, principles and auditing. Actively manage and participate in the inspection and evaluation of the quality of audit activities and accounting consulting activities of independent auditing companies, organizations and individuals dealing in accounting services. Take the initiative in organizing accounting conferences, conferences or through the activities of the Chief Accountant Club to conduct and create favorable conditions for members and member organizations to participate in social criticism of law policies. law of the State.


Ho Chi Minh City Young Entrepreneurs Association
Representing young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in Ho Chi Minh City in the Vietnam Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City in order to protect the legitimate and legitimate interests of its members before the law and public opinion.
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