Discount 10% on pilot prices for inland shipping enterprises from 01/5/2020

From May 01, 5, Vietnamese boat owners operating inland routes (including seagoing vessels and river vehicles) will discount 10% on pilot service compared to the applicable price. Navigator discount

The period of preferential treatment will last for 3 months, from May 01, 5.

Maritime pilot discount service

Recently, the Vietnam Maritime Administration together with the Vietnam Maritime Pilotage Association, the Vietnam Shipowners Association, the local ship owners and related pilot companies had a meeting to adjust the pilotage service prices. to share difficulties and promptly support shipping businesses during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Based on the proposal of the Vietnam Shipowners Association, the Vietnam Maritime Administration decided adjusting the price of maritime pilot service for Vietnamese ships operating domestically Being heavily affected by Covid-19 epidemic to maintain sea transportation, as follows:

(1) Subject:

Vietnamese vessels operating domestic routes (including VR-SB vessels and vessels)

(2) Service discount:

Discount for pilotage services to a minimum as prescribed in the Ministry of Transport's Circular No. 54/2018 / TT-BGTVT dated November 14, 11 (Circular No. 2018/54 / TT-BGTVT) on promulgating price bracket for pilotage service, bridge, wharf, mooring service, container loading and unloading service at Vietnamese seaport (10% reduction compared to the current price).

(3) Implementation time: 03 months from May 01, 5.

Outstanding solutions from the previous Vietnam Maritime Administration

Previously, implementing the Prime Minister's Directive and the direction of the Ministry of Transport, the Vietnam Maritime Administration actively researched and proposed many solutions to remove difficulties for businesses operating in the maritime sector affected by Covid-19 translation. Navigator discount 

Practical solutions during the epidemic season:

  • Simplify 6 administrative procedures, continue to propose to reduce and simplify 7 procedures to create favorable conditions for businesses and boats to operate.
  • Back to the actual ship inspection time.
  • To guide ship owners and crew members to permit the extension of professional certificates and crew certificates granted by competent Vietnamese agencies to seafarers who are holding titles at sea which have expired or extended their use. continued use for 3 months. A seafarer who is holding a position at sea has expired, may continue to use it for 3 months;
  • Proposing the Ministry of Transport to propose and be approved by the Ministry of Health to extend the seafarer's health certificate from 3 to 4 months in the context of crew transfer during the epidemic difficult season.

In addition, the Maritime Administration has also promoted the mode of "electronicization" of administrative procedures, directing ports to promote electronic collection. Records of ships, boats, crew professional certificates are all guided by port authorities, providing specific email addresses for timely processing.

For administrative procedures that have not been carried out electronically, the Department encourages shipowners and enterprises to send procedures by post and enhance information exchange via other electronic methods such as Email, Zalo, Viber, ...

Thanks to the proactive and active support of businesses, ships, ... during the Covid-19 epidemic, the maritime sector still ensures favorable cargo transportation by sea, safe.

Navigator discount

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