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Expertis is a collection of individuals who believe in excellence. We specialize in recruiting people who have the motivation to succeed and the will to take the discipline needed to succeed. We focus on nurturing our team and providing our team with an environment conducive to self-development and challenges in a variety of experienced, professional and creative experiences. Our environment focuses on eliminating stress and pressure so that our members can grow to the fullest.

When you work at Expertis, you become a member of a company that focuses on you and your personal performance, helping you improve your performance compared to before. We are effective orientation experts who focus on efficiency and professionalism in each activity.

Expertis not only focuses on recruiting individuals who are oriented to develop themselves, but also develop them. For us, it is important to ensure that our employees are satisfied and cared for with the care and respect they deserve.

When we see potential in someone and hire them, we ensure that they have an environment where they can really realize their potential. Stress and pressure are enemies of productivity, we aim to reduce them as much as possible. We use pressure as an exercise to improve your productivity, we organize a transparent and scientific assessment system, ensuring you will advance according to your ability.

What do you need to find?


Position: Specialist

Department: Accounting and Tax Services


Perform the following routine tasks for customers:

  • Accounting entries.
  • Prepare and send monthly/quarterly/yearly tax returns (VAT, PIT, CIT, FCT…) and other tax documents to tax authorities.
  • Prepare tax finalization report.
  • Prepare accurate and timely financial and management reports according to regulations or if required.
  • Work with the tax authorities when asked for an explanation or tax finalization.
  • Review a monthly payroll that includes calculations for Personal Income Tax (PIT), Social Security (SI), Health Insurance (HI), and Unemployment Insurance (UI).
  • Identify problems / risks that are important to the customer from day to day operations. Propose solutions or promptly raise the problem to higher levels (management).
  • Maintain daily communication with customers. Answer questions and/or advise clients on tax and accounting matters.
  • Other related jobs as assigned by the Company (if any).
  • Working with independent auditor in the audit process (if any).



#first. Knowledge requirements:

  • Graduated from University, College upwards specialized in accounting, auditing, corporate finance;
  • Priority is given to candidates with at least 02 years of experience or above;


#2. Required skills

  • Ability to manage time well, to arrange work well.
  • Professional and responsible work ethic.
  • Possess good communication and persuasion skills.
  • Attention to detail and precision.
  • Proficient in the use of computers and Microsoft Office applications;


#3. English level required

  • Minimum English Reading Comprehension and Writing (In this case, a language assistant will assist).
    Fluent English communication is an advantage;


  • Thoroughly trained knowledge and skills in accounting, tax, financial reporting.
  • Trained in soft skills.
  • Communicate with outsiders in English.
  • Working on a diverse set of clients, can be trained, experience new experiences in new situations in the profession.


  • Competitive and unlimited income according to your ability (3P Salary Policy).
  • Enjoy vacation, health check in accordance with company regulations.
  • Participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance.
  • Work-life balance.
  • Hourly work management regulations help employees easily balance work, study and life. Average working hours are about 180 hours / month.

#first. Professional work

  • Responsible for the group's tax and accounting review activities.
  • Design an accounting and tax review program for each service contract.
  • Team management effectively performs each service contract to fully meet customer expectations and the level of budget that the customer pays for the service.
  • Solve complex technical and technical problems of the group.
  • Make recommendations and actual findings (Consulting Report) to send to customers after completing the periodic assessment. Organize meeting with customers to discuss actual results reports (according to periodic plans or if requested by customers).
  • Be the main interlocutor with customers. Maintain active communication with them by phone, email, meeting ...
  • Develop and maintain a professional customer relationship system.
  • May be required to be the chief accountant for the client.


#2. Administrative job

  • Join staff training.
  • Group management according to the assignment of tasks and human functions.


# 3. Representative work

  • A person who shows knowledge of the scope of the Company's service capabilities. Enhance corporate branding in all opportunities (both inside and outside the company).
  • Engage in marketing activities (Consulting such as accounting and tax specialists) and developing clients in every opportunity.



#first. Requirements for knowledge

  • Bachelor degree in accounting and / or auditing and / or corporate finance.
  • Have at least 5 years of experience working in a professional environment. Working at an auditing, accounting or tax consulting company is an advantage.
  • Having a Vietnamese accountancy practice certificate or CPA Vietnam is a great advantage.


#2. Required skills

  • Good analytical skills, self-direction and persuasion.
  • Good office computer skills.
  • Good communication skills (writing and speaking) in English. Fluency in English is a great advantage.
  • Good reporting and presentation skills.
  • Able to work under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Good team leadership skills.
  • Ability to support and guide team members.
  • Maturity and high commitment.


  • With a large and diverse number of clients, candidates can be trained, experienced new experiences in new situations, helping to develop their professional and career.
  • You will be well-trained according to EXPERTIS's management training program including but not limited to professional work organization knowledge and skills.
  • Competitive salary based on ability (3P salary)
  • Enjoy vacation, health check in accordance with company regulations.
  • Participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance.

Expertis recruits interns majoring in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Human Resources with regular salary.


# For accounting and tax internships

  • Practice accounting tasks;
  • Practice taxes and tax reporting work;
  • Practice preparing financial statements;
  • Practice Classification and archiving of documents;
  • Practice job handling skills;
  • Practice relationship handling skills.


# For audit interns

  • Learn working knowledge and skills;
  • Practice the actual audit work as assigned by the audit team leader and main auditor in audit contracts and other assurance services;
  • Assisting other staff with other auditing and administrative tasks.


# For HR interns salary

  • Learn knowledge and skills to work on human resources and salary;
  • Practice payroll work;
  • Practice social insurance;
  • Assist other employees with payroll and HR tasks.


# For HR interns salary

  • Learn knowledge and skills to work on human resources and salary;
  • Practice payroll work;
  • Practice social insurance;
  • Assist other employees with payroll and HR tasks.


  • Agile, professional style;
  • Personal discipline;
  • Love my job;
  • Careful, enthusiastic;
  • Learned


  • Be guided and trained professionally and methodically;
  • To be exposed to jobs that are suitable for their expertise and of various types;
  • To be able to properly practice the jobs registered for the internship;
  • Be certified to practice if you are in the internship period according to the regulations of the school;
  • Opportunity to become a full-time employee if you pass the assessment.


  • Capability allowance according to company policy.



  • Application form for internship (specify position applied for).
  • Curriculum vitae (specify personal information, experience if any, extracurricular activities, strengths - weaknesses, interests) + 3×4 picture pasted on the SYLL section.
  • Copy of household registration, ID card and relevant qualifications (No need to notarize.

We review every application carefully!

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