Scheme: Renewing methods of state management, facilitating private economic development

Recently, the Government held a standing meeting of the Government to discuss the project on comprehensive reform of State management in the economic field to implement Central Resolution 10-NQ / TW on economic development. private sector becomes an important driving force.

Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that this is an important project with a very wide scale and scope, and has a great impact on many industries and fields, especially in the context of development. development of the country after the XIII Party Congress.

According to the Prime Minister's assessment, we have achieved achievements in the past 5 years thanks to the efforts in changing policies and mechanisms to remove and attach importance to economic sectors, in which problems are raised. about the private economy properly and free up all resources for development. However, there are still certain limitations and constraints to the development.

Therefore, it is necessary to discuss what is the restraint point for the development, agreeing on the perfect direction. The spirit is to reform the State management over the economy for a better and more sustainable economic development.

The solutions focus on innovating state management methods

Presenting a brief report on the project, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung said that the scope, the project focused on the function of economic management and development of the State in the group of administrative agencies. Legal and functional are integrated, interdisciplinary. The project has given 5 groups of solutions and 25 tasks according to the basic functions of State management in the economic field.

Regarding the overall goal, according to the project, by 2030, to fundamentally and comprehensively renovate the state management method in the direction of digital government, shifting from control to management and creation; from direct to indirect intervention; from pre-check to post-check, in line with international principles and practices, in order to create a favorable business environment for all economic sectors to develop, contributing to the achievement of the private economic development goals mentioned above. in Resolution 10-NQ / TW and Resolution 98 / NQ-CP.

Renovate the inspection, examination and management of the market in the direction of applying the principles of risk management and applying modern science and technology to improve the efficiency of post-inspection and reduce costs for businesses. , not criminalizing economic and civil relations.

To bring into full play all potentials and advantages to promote private economic development

After listening to the comments, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized the content linking the private economy with the country's economic development when over the past time, the private economy has developed very quickly, many episodes appear. Large group, has many contributions to growth. Therefore, it must be clearer about the obstacles and constraints to private economic development and the solutions to remove.

Considering that it is necessary to carefully review the contents, absorb opinions, complete the project, the Prime Minister noted a number of important issues affecting the requirements of economic state management reform, which is the situation. The country, the international context is changing rapidly and complicatedly, especially the impact of natural disasters, climate change, pandemics and the strong and rapid development of science and technology, technology revolution 4.0 .

In addition, the project needs to thoroughly grasp the documents and resolutions of the XIII National Party Congress with many new views and directions on the State management of economy, including views and breakthroughs. major disruption in the private economy.

According to the Prime Minister, the State management must respect the requirements and laws of the market objectively in the socialist-oriented private economic development. Promote all potentials and advantages to promote rapid and sustainable private economic development according to the Resolution of the XIII Party Congress.

Emphasizing the disassembly focus on institutional policies and laws, liberating productivity and social resources for private economic development, the Prime Minister also agreed to include the contents of the project in the itinerary. Government action on implementing the Resolution of the XIII Party Congress.

The most important thing is to remove difficulties for production and business, including the private economy, create all conditions for the private economy to feel secure in investing, doing business and innovating in Vietnam.