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The stage of completing the finalization dossier is always a "nightmare" for businesses that do not have a strict accounting management system. It can be said that, if there is any negligence at the moment, it can also expose your business to money-related risks, which is more severe than liability for individuals.

There will be more and more pressure for business owners when you receive a written request for settlement, the deadline for completing the application is only "days"!

So, which solution is optimal for you?

Understanding the pressures of businesses in the settlement phase, Expertis provides you with the service of completing the profile for settlement goals with specific goals:


The goal of this service is to help businesses own fastest settlement records, but still ensure the reasonableness and validity in terms of Accounting Law and Tax Law. Thereby helping businesses minimize tax penalties and protect business owners against legal liabilities.

Working process - Special experience for you

Working with Expertis, in addition to being protected for benefits when participating in the settlement, customers will be supported with the best possible conditions to save time, costs, travel effort, security. data from the very first step of service.

Step 1: Survey records and orient solutions

After receiving the need to complete the business profile, Expertis conducted a direct survey of accounting records at your company's headquarters. Especially in this step, businesses will experience the following special support:

  • Support to synthesize documents right at the business: Expertis supports your accounting personnel in general and prepare documents that need to be checked directly at the business. You will no longer have to prepare the profile yourself and send it to the service provider as usual. This will save you time and effort and increase the security of your accounting data.
  • 100% free of charge for reviewing settlement records of enterprises
  • Proposing the direction to complete the profile AFTER THE end of the application examination

Step 2: Complete tax finalization documents



Expertis immediately proceeds to complete the business profile after agreeing on the finalization plan. The content includes 4 groups of jobs as follows:

    1. Handling invoices and documents (Checking the validity - validity of invoices and documents): Check all input / output invoices, report wrong use invoices, omissions, misplaced ... From there, make and complete accounting records according to regulations.
    2. Existing book review (Evaluate and detect potential risks in the enterprise's bookkeeping system): Review and re-establish the system of detailed books, ledgers and general journals.
    3. Balance of accounting data (Fair balance of actual arising expenses according to business objectives): Check the revenue - costs, goods, cost of goods, .. of the business. Handling and balancing expenses and revenue; balance profit - loss reasonable.
    4. Completing accounting records (Completing and supplementing tax payment accounting books and archiving at enterprises): Check tax declaration records (VAT, PIT, CIT), financial statements of the business by month / quarter / year. Evaluate status of records, advise and conduct adjustments - complete in accordance with regulations.

Step 3: Explanation of tax finalization

Expertis supports accounting advice for businesses or business representatives to explain the settlement with the tax authorities (depending on the requirements of the business).

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