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Using our tax advisory services, you can also take advantage of our best tax practices and practices.

tax advisory services

Our tax advisory services use our local knowledge to ensure tax compliance, administer taxes, and transact with tax authorities efficiently.

Taxes we advise

We provide value added tax consulting services to the following areas:

  • Value added tax policy. Value Added Tax Planning (VAT Planning)
  • Value added tax refund deduction.
  • Industry enterprises are not subject to value added tax.
  • Enterprises apply 0% value added tax

We provide corporate income tax consulting services for the following areas:

  • Corporate income tax policy. Corporate income tax Planning

  • Enterprise income tax exemption or reduction is applicable to industries eligible for corporate income tax incentives.

  • Finalization of corporate income tax.


We provide personal income tax consulting services for the following areas:

  • Personal income tax policy. Corporate personal income tax Planning
  • Finalization of personal income tax for businesses

We provide contractor tax consulting services for the following areas:

  • Contractor tax policy.
  • Withholding contractor tax Planning

We provide transfer tax advisory services for the following areas:

  • Transfer transaction tax policy.
  • Transfer pricing tax Planning

Business areas We advise tax

  • Construction business
  • Real estate business
  • Specific commercial enterprises: Wholesale and retail center; Multi-level sales; Ecommerce.
  • Enterprises transferring capital and securities
  • Enterprises have corporate income tax incentives
  • Enterprises with associated transactions
  • Foreign-invested enterprises
  • School business
  • Road transport, taxi
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Export processing enterprise
  • Information technology enterprises
  • Sea transport and logistics enterprises
  • The business uses many employees

experience strengths

  • Years of tax consulting experience

    We have more than 17 years of experience in the field of accounting - auditing, tax consulting to support and advise our customers with the best solutions that only experts with many years of experience have.

  • Local understanding

    Our tax advisory services utilize our local (Vietnamese) knowledge to ensure tax compliance, tax administration and dealing with effectively managed tax authorities.

  • Consultant in English

    We specialize in direct tax advice in English as the primary language. As for legal language, this makes a huge difference in the quality of advice compared to the method [1 expert in charge + 1 translator].

online support

Our tax and accounting experts will consult online to answer your questions.

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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