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Safe, successful, effective and gentle tax settlement with Expertis tax agent service

Expertis tax specialist will act on behalf of and on behalf of business owners to perform tax finalization

Service standards Tax settlement representative

Accounting and tax services package

  • Successful tax settlement

    Fully protecting the legitimate interests of businesses, complying with tax laws are the criteria for successful tax settlement that Expertis performs for customers.

  • Experienced and trained professionals

    Personnel in charge are always experienced tax finalization specialists, are trained in the professional knowledge best suited to the specific industry of the business and have undergone many tax finalization. They have the ability to identify and measure the risks of each industry, helping you to control them well.

4 benefits for customers

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Maximum tax and legal benefits

Specialists in accounting and tax will advise the most profitable tax solutions, in accordance with tax and accounting laws, help maximize tax benefits and create safety for business owners.

Professional tax settlement experience

Expertis has over 17 years of professionalism in tax finalization. Our specialists have 10-20 years of tax finalization. We have established a collection of tax finalization documents for each industry sector that will support and advise customers on the best solutions.

Professional representative handling incurred

Actively handle arising issues, actively work with competent agencies, proactively notify and advise businesses of changes related to tax policies

Transfer of responsibility

Responsibility for carrying out the professional issues is transferred to the responsible Expertis, the business owner can focus 100% on business development and building the sales staff.

content services Tax settlement representative

1. We advise the tax settlement process appropriate to the type of business, guide the necessary preparation.

2. We will consult and evaluate records before tax finalization, to ensure thorough and complete preparation and help business owners have a panorama of the status of their business records.

1. We will advise to review records before tax finalization, to ensure thorough and complete preparation and help business owners quantify problems that may arise.

2. Support searching for detailed data in accounting software or accounting records.

1. We will provide required records on behalf of the tax authorities.

2. We also support processing, extracting software files, excel soft files in accordance with the required form of the tax agency.

1. We will represent the content of tax and accounting related settlement data as required to the tax office.

2. We advise and protect corporate data in accordance with the law

3. Search and provide guidance documents on the issues without consensus between enterprises and tax authorities.

1. We will advise businesses on settlement contents in accordance with the law. Consulting businesses to explain and provide necessary evidence and documents to protect the legitimate interests of enterprises.

2. We advise on processing post-settlement data in current accounting books.

Frequently asked questions

First, prepare as follows:

  • Check accounting records, terms, accounting the arising transactions
  • Check tax reports, reports finalizing corporate income tax
  • Check the final settlement of personal income tax and previous financial statements
  • Improving the adjustment of deviations and inconsistencies
  • Prepare documents and complete information to prepare explanations with tax authorities

- Organize original documents monthly

- Print output invoices, and clip together with the VAT declaration

- All must be signed by title

- Print annual books in the form of general diary

- Prepare economic contracts, minutes, take over, liquidate contracts, decide to appoint, ..

- Check debt comparison

- ... .. You can contact directly or make an appointment for Expertis to advise you more fully and in detail: Free Consultation

In order for businesses to extend the time for tax finalization with only 1, one way is to talk directly with their inspection team thanks to them delaying the final settlement of 1 time.

According to the motto: If not fully prepared, then postpone 1 time, when clean and beautiful, the final settlement

Always remember one thing "Happy Cooperation" whether you like it or not. Avoiding a bad impression is hard enough

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In addition to tax settlement consulting services, Expertis still has a full-service tax settlement service for businesses. Strictly complying with the law on settlement process together with explanation of tax finalization with state agencies

online support

Tax and accounting experts will consult online to answer your questions.

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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