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Expertis offers a full range of tax services in Vietnam, along with all-in-one accounting and salary services for the operation and management of businesses in Vietnam.

Expertis tax service is very flexible depending on the unique needs and the actual conditions of your company. Our experienced tax specialists handle the taxes your company is entitled to. Hence, joining our services will save you money and give you more time to focus on the growth of your company.

Our more than 17 years of tax consulting experience will help you to best deal with your tax concerns.

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Our tax offerings include:

Other Services taxes consultant

Our tax advisory services use our local knowledge to ensure tax compliance, administer taxes, and transact with tax authorities efficiently.

Consulting services help businesses predict and plan taxes fully and effectively.

This service also helps the business management to have a comprehensive view of the problem, predict and best support the organization of the business to control tax risks that may occur in the business process. joint.

Other Services Tax Finalization / Tax Examination Representative

Consider our tax agent service if your business falls into the following situations:

The company lacks an efficient and reliable tax compliance system that cannot keep up with the changing tax laws;

Possibility of different interpretations of the same provisions of tax law; Enterprises have not been properly prepared to protect their views when working with tax authorities.


Tax planning helps you to keep abreast of tax performance before reporting and control the implementation of the full tax plan.

Tax planning is the analysis of business activities, from which financial planning from a tax perspective.

The purpose of tax planning is to enable the operator to quantify the tax aspect over the financial period.

Through tax planning, all elements of financial planning work together in the most tax efficient way possible.

Tax planning is an essential part of business financial planning and investment projects.

Other Services Periodic tax assessment / pre-tax assessment

Our routine tax assessment helps:

Detecting errors in tax declaration and consulting early adjustment declaration to minimize risk of fines;

Consulting options in case of unclear regulations; Discover opportunities to save tax costs and advise measures to realize these opportunities;

Advice on how tax compliance systems can be improved. Armed with the necessary information and knowledge so that you can defend your views when working with tax authorities.

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Tax and accounting experts will consult online to answer your questions.

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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