Why tax finalization needs to be LEGAL?

Tax settlement is a mandatory obligation for every business during the time of business operation. Tax settlement requires enterprises to prepare a complete and accurate accounting dossier and the accountant must have experience and skills in tax finalization.

Because of the importance of tax finalization, hiring a professional, reputable and important auditing firm that is lawful for tax finalization is essential and should be done, helping to address risk issues such as:

  • Enterprises change many people in charge of accounting, lack of consistency between years on accounting, accounting and books on accounting system.
  • The system of accounting books is cluttered, uncontrollable for important documents or invoices
  • Enterprises are subject to high tax risks as assessed by the tax administration agency
  • Enterprises prepare tax finalization or tax inspection
  • Enterprises do not know the status of their accounting records

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How to prepare tax finalization?

[1] Checking and reviewing the whole situation of the system and accounting process

  • Check issues of monthly tax returns.
  • Advice on correcting errors of vouchers, invoices in and out.
  • Balance, calculate and adjust the reasonable level on the reports
  • Balance profit and loss, finalize data and prepare complete financial statements.

[2] Complete the system of accounting books and financial statements

  • Modify accounting data in years, adjust accounting, allocate and account in accordance with standards if necessary
  • Prepare annual financial statements
  • Printing and setting up the entire bookkeeping system

[3] Responsible for accounting statements of tax finalization

Advising or acting as an accountant of an enterprise directly explains to the tax authorities about the issues related to the accounting books already implemented.

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Expertis tax finalization

Differences in tax settlement services package and cheap:

(Prestigious tax settlement - Legal tax settlement)

  • Control the compliance of businesses

We understand the nature of the arising business operations, review and advise the Enterprise to comply with the provisions of tax law, accounting and social insurance, helping business owners prevention of violation risks Criminal law under criminal law from 1 / 1 / 2018  

  • The benefits that Expertis tax settlement services bring to businesses

Using tax settlement services will help businesses reduce risks when finalizing tax with competent authorities.

Service tax settlement package from a professional service company with highly specialized staff helps businesses not to worry when changing accounting personnel.

Securing high business data due to the nature of the service, commitment to hand over soft files for long-term storage, avoid loss to businesses

Tax settlement services are cheap but still ensure professionalism, transparent financial reporting information, help increase the value for shareholders and investors, thereby increasing the value of the business.

  • Commitment to take full responsibility for the professionalism performed by Expertis for clients before tax authorities

Expertis with professional knowledge and practical experience over the industry, having a good relationship with the management agencies will ensure the best service and achieve the highest efficiency for the customer business. .

Here, businesses are provided with the policy that is best for them. That is the policy Advice first - Contract later. With this policy, businesses still find beneficial solutions even without using the service.

With a staff of larger than 70 who are organized into many levels and form a complete system structure. In this structure, the members complement each other, ensuring the cost tax settlement service The most competitive offers and services are checked regularly, quality assurance, prestige.