Salary and Social Insurance Management Service


Salary and Social Insurance management services help to liberate the tasks of payroll calculation and compulsory social insurance for businesses, helping businesses to significantly reduce operating costs and legal risks related to Salary and Social Insurance, and access the most modern and optimal implementation methods.

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Why should business owners care about Salary & Social Security management?

→ Unless your business does not have an employer, once there is an employee working for the business, the Compulsory Salary and Social Insurance calculation is a must that the business must do.

→ You can organize it yourself, or use a professional service like Expertis's Salary and Social Security Management Service. Before deciding which option is optimal, our consulting content will help you make the right decision.

1. What are the responsibilities of enterprises when hiring workers?

Vietnam's Enterprise Law stipulates that "enterprises, when hiring workers, must comply with the labor law, pay wages according to the law on wages, and implement policies and regimes of social insurance and insurance. unemployment insurance, health insurance and other insurance for employees as prescribed by law."

Therefore, once a laborer is hired, the enterprise must comply with relevant legal provisions, which are:  When hiring workers, they must comply with the law on labor, pay wages according to the law on wages, and implement compulsory insurance regimes.  (including social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance and other insurance).

2. What should be done to comply with regulations when hiring labor?

As mentioned above, you or your business need to hire specialized personnel to perform the tasks of labor, salary, and compulsory insurance. Personnel in charge of this management need to be familiar with the Labor Code, the Law on Wages, the Law on Social Insurance, and regularly update new regulations in these three areas.

These are three huge groups of legal regulations that govern all labor relations in Vietnam. To keep abreast of these 3 areas is not easy, on the other hand, the risk of doing wrong is very large.

3. In addition to the laws on Labor, Wages, Social Insurance, is there anything else I should care about?

And yet, you need to pay attention to:

  • Law on personal income tax: because the employee's income is governed by the Law on Personal Income Tax.
  • Law on corporate income tax: because salary costs account for a very large part of a business's expenses. In some cases, even if you pay wages and comply with salary regulations, they are excluded and not included in the costs of the business.
  • Accounting Law: since the salary of the business is published on the financial statements of the business, it must meet the provisions of the Law on Accounting, which will greatly affect your Financial Statements.
  • Tax administration law: Vietnam Social Security and the General Department of Taxation have linked data and have a mechanism to exchange data with each other, you need to do it synchronously for this reporting purpose.
  • Your Monthly Published Payroll  must ensure completeness, uniformity and compliance with regulations.

4. What practical difficulties in hiring do I need to know about?

The practice of managing Labor records, managing Payroll and Social Insurance records has issues that you need to take care of, it may not happen in a few months, but often it can happen. out after about 1 year. Details are as follows:

  • Records when hiring workers are not only labor contracts but all related documents such as salary scale, agreements, labor regulations ... You need to do this. Timely and fully archived documents.
  • The payroll management file is not only a payroll but includes a full set of documents as a basis to prove the salary calculation, such as: Timekeeping parameters, salary calculation, personal income tax calculation, management of employees properties, social insurance calculation, salary records ... need to be synchronize data, fully archive salary calculation documents.
  • The social insurance management record is not only the monthly social insurance payment amount, but it includes the entire record to prove that the calculation and payment of social insurance is correct in data and in accordance with the law. therefore the entire social insurance record must perform data synchronization, complete document storage. Periodically check the data with the insurance agency.
  • Health insurance card records must be Update and follow up regularly for each employee to maintain their health insurance coverage.

How does Expertis Salary & Social Security help me?

Completed employment record

Whenever there is a labor hire, we will advise and complete the set of labor records related to that enterprise and employee. Ensure labor records: complete, correct and consistent.

Completed payroll records

Every month, we collect records related to salary calculation, calculate salary and deductions for employees. Ensure payroll records: complete, correct and consistent.

Completed Social Insurance Profile

Every month, we calculate social insurance for employees, update health insurance cards, and compare with insurance agencies. Ensure social insurance records: complete, correct and consistent.

Contents of Salary & Social Insurance management service

Customers can choose to deploy a package service, or use each service individually according to their needs, as follows:

Labor registration
  • Consulting signing labor contracts, decisions related to employees.
  • Carry out labor declaration procedures when enterprises hire workers.
  • Consulting on making internal labor regulations and registration.
  • Consultancy on making a registered Labor Agreement.
  • Timekeeping consulting.
  • Payroll.
  • Make a Salary Sheet Announcement.
  • Submit salary reports and HR administration.
  • Update new salary regulations (Update salary regulations, salary scale, title regulations).
personal income tax
  • Register for a personal tax number.
  • Subscriber registration.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual personal income tax declarations.
Compulsory insurance
  • Compulsory insurance.
  • Register for insurance: sickness, maternity, retirement ...
  • Services related to Social Insurance Book, Health Insurance Card.
  • Advice on joining a trade union.
Review and update Labor - Salary - Insurance policy periodically or When there is a change

Ordinary labor contracts are long-term, while legal policies on labor, salary and insurance are regularly updated and changed, leading to the application of enterprises is no longer appropriate.  Therefore, this service helps to review and update the regulations for the Labor - Salary - Insurance policies that businesses are applying.

The update and review is done in the following cases:

  • Periodic (annual or quarterly) for businesses that employ a lot of employees and apply complex labor policies.
  • Implement as soon as there is a change in government policy, which changes to the application that has been made before.
  • Done when enterprises want to apply new labor hire based on existing policies of enterprises that have not been updated for a long time.

Benefits of Expertis' Salary & Social Insurance management service to customers


The entire record of hiring labor requires very high completeness, within the legal framework, you have the right to apply, but you must keep sufficient records to prove it. Our service helps you achieve this conveniently.


Compliance with regulations is the top criterion when hiring workers, in order to comply with regulations, the person in charge needs to understand all relevant regulations. Expertis specializes in performing this service with regulatory compliance on the top.


This is an element that is difficult for specialized personnel of the enterprise to ensure because it is related to Personal Income Tax and the financial statements of the business. With extensive experience in accounting and taxation, Expertis will help you achieve this.

Reasons to choose Expertis's Salary & Social Security management service

+ Board of Directors, consultants, a team of payroll specialists, social insurance declaration specialists with many years of experience in consulting for Vietnamese and foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

+ More than 18 years of experience working for thousands of businesses with diverse industries.

Expertis services focus on service quality and building long-term relationships with Customers.

This allows us to understand all aspects of the business and the environment in which it operates, to ensure that the work is focused on the right nature and time, making it efficient and cost-competitive. best.

The entire Salary profile into the Social Insurance of the customer will be made on modern salary software, checked by the Head of Department and Expertis Board of Directors to ensure the results are always accurate.

Personnel in charge are always experienced and professionally trained professionals that best match the specific industry of the business. They have the ability to identify and measure the risks of each industry, helping you to control them well.

Expertis's standard of salary and social insurance management services is "Quickly - Legally - Optimizing the benefits of the business" to meet the needs of customers, even in special circumstances. Ensure the work takes place on schedule, with standard, timely and most beneficial documents for the business.

+ Accurately perform the work content as agreed in the contract.

+ Prepare reports, send reports as required and on time.

+ Cooperate with customers to find solutions to problems to ensure that the interests of customers come first.

Package tax accounting services, package tax accounting services in Ho Chi Minh City are important services for businesses.

FAQ - Salary & Social Security FAQ

– The businesses are operating, have hired labor but The procedure for registration of Social Insurance has not been carried out yet (social insurance) and health insurance (health insurance) for employees under the management of the company.

– Businesses that need and want to register for health insurance and social insurance for their employees.

– Enterprises do not have a specialized department in charge of carrying out monitoring procedures for social insurance and health insurance.

Enterprises face difficulties when: losing their insurance books, needing to urgently receive maternity benefits, retirement benefits, one-time allowances, unemployment benefits, etc.

– Enterprises want to improve management efficiency and prevent risks in terms of salary and social insurance in a timely manner.

Social insurance monitoring is a task that needs to be done regularly to update and improve the labor system of the enterprise

After completing the registration procedure for the first social insurance for the enterprise, the monitoring of the increase or decrease of participating personnel, related procedures, procedures related to maternity and medical examination, and issuance of social insurance and health insurance cards according to requirements for medical examination and treatment or discontinuation of participation in social insurance ... are jobs that need to be monitored and regularly updated to complete the general labor system of the enterprise.

In most businesses, the Accounting or Human Resources staff is the department in charge of building and monitoring social insurance according to the regulations of state agencies. However, with the continuous change of the law on social insurance, especially the law on dealing with social insurance violations, it is more and more serious, it is more serious that criminal responsibility can be attributed to the violation of issues related to social insurance. in which part comes from not monitoring the social insurance regularly of the enterprise.

The context of the Law on Social Insurance has undergone many changes along with the increase in social insurance inspection at enterprises.

From 2016 and earlier, this issue was still managed by the state, but the problem has changed according to the increasingly difficult route and increased premiums from 2016-2017. Since 2018 there have been many important changes related to LABOR - Wage - SOCIAL INSURANCE. Accordingly, enterprises need to rearrange and re-organize their system so that 03 salaries (Salary shown on financial statements, Salary as the basis for calculating and paying social insurance contributions and actual salary announced by enterprises) enterprise) in the enterprise for consistency, legality and safety. 

Moreover, Vietnam Social Insurance increasingly tightens the participation of social insurance for employees of enterprises, while strengthening the review, inspection and sudden inspection at enterprises. Specifically, the following are some important decisions:

Firstly, there is a comparison between the tax office and the social insurance agency when making tax finalization, or when the social insurance inspection agency inspects.

Second, the Social Insurance Inspection Agency strengthens the inspection of labor records in Ho Chi Minh City

Third, the act of evading social insurance contributions has been elevated to a criminal offense (article 216, Penal Code 2015, applied from January 1, 1).


General trends

The rapidly changing business and information technology environment creates a highly competitive and fast-changing environment, creating a tendency to specialize and focus on the core competencies of each enterprise.

Human Resources

In order to properly and effectively implement a content that requires a lot of knowledge and experience, it is difficult for small and medium enterprises to maintain a stable human resource for managing payroll and social insurance, hiring out is a much more efficient solution.

Implementation System & Process

In order for the management of payroll and social insurance to be good, enterprises need an appropriate implementation system and process. For small and medium enterprises, it is not necessary to equip complex systems and processes, otherwise these systems and processes cannot keep up with the rapid change in the enterprise's personnel model.

In fact, there are quite a few businesses that have the habit of using 3 separate salary items as follows:

1. Salary shown in Financial Statements (Accounting)

2. Salary as the basis for calculating and paying social insurance premiums.

3. Salary as the basis for personal income tax calculation.

This practice makes it difficult to manage the business, and creates risks:

+ The business owner himself does not know which number is correct and what is the difference between these 3 salary parameters.

+ There is a comparison between the tax office and the social insurance agency when making tax finalization, or when the social insurance inspection agency inspects.

+ The Social Insurance Inspection Agency strengthens the inspection of labor records in Ho Chi Minh City.

+ The act of evading social insurance payment has been elevated to a criminal offense (article 216, Penal Code 2015, applied from January 1, 1).

Ways to avoid risk and manage it more effectively:

+ Build a Salary system so that the management and calculation of the above three items are unified.

If you have this problem and need advice, please contact Expertis for support.


Labor inspection risk; the risk of data discrepancy between the salary of social insurance premium and salary included in enterprise costs; risk of miscalculation, arrears and fines.

When starting to generate employees, the enterprise must fully push the contents according to the regulations of the social insurance agencies, Labor, Tax ..., Because, 1 or more employees can have risks if has not been fully implemented.

Therefore, when personnel arise, businesses must fully implement or hire professional services to manage. 

Expetis has a management software system with an unlimited number of employees, in addition, the implementation staff are experts with professional experience and experience in handling when there is an inspection, inspection, to ensure it is correct. set of documents for businesses with a large number of employees.

On the other hand, our system is optimized for the management of a large number of workers, eliminating redundant operations, so the service cost is also very suitable for customers.

Each employee must have full 3 types of records: Salary records; labor records; Social insurance records.

To assess the business is at risk or not, you can contact Expertis to request, we will check, evaluate and advise  all free  for your business.

To assess the overall level of completion and potential risks on the issue of Salary – Social Insurance, Expertis has an overview check checklist. Please contact us using the registration form in this article to receive the Checklist.

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