Service of registering for social insurance for the first time

The service of registering for Social Insurance for the first time helps businesses participate in insurance for employees, demonstrating the responsibility of the business to its employees. Expertis will prepare documents on behalf of businesses and complete procedures to state agencies in a lawful and fast manner.


Salary & Social Security system

Why should business owners care?

The Enterprise Law of Vietnam stipulates that “enterprises, when hiring workers, must comply with the labor law, pay wages according to the wage law, and implement policies and regimes of social insurance and insurance. unemployment insurance, health insurance and other insurance for employees as prescribed by law.”

Therefore, once hiring workers, enterprises must comply with relevant legal provisions, that is: When hiring workers, they must comply with the labor law, pay wages according to the labor laws. salary, and implement compulsory insurance regimes (including social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance and other insurance).

For newly established businesses or those that have been established for a long time but have not opened their application for the first time. If you want to hire a laborer, you need to carry out the procedures for opening a labor file and social insurance for the first time.

This procedure includes 2 main items:

  • Profile of the first employer (See details of the profile in the FAQ section at the end of the article).
  • Profile for first time insurance (See details in the FAQ section at the end of the article).

Content services

register for social insurance for the first time

Salary consulting service 3P

The service of registering for social insurance for the first time is fully implemented, with the following items:

1. Initial registration of Employer Profile.

2. First time registration of Payroll Profile.

3. First time registration of Social Insurance Profile.

4. First registration of Trade Union Profile.

The reason for choosing the service

expertis' first social insurance registration

Professional competence

Over 18 years of experience in settlement for thousands of businesses with diverse industries. The Board of Directors, the salary - social insurance consulting team have many years of experience in consulting for businesses both at home and abroad.​

Methods of implementation

Expertis' first-time social insurance registration service focuses on service quality and building long-term relationships with customers. Cooperate with customers to find solutions to problems in order to optimize the interests of the business

Service commitment

The personnel in charge are always experienced professionals corresponding to the industry of the business. Accurately perform the work content as agreed in the contract. Prepare reports, submit reports on time as required and on time.


Frequently asked questions

To assess the business is at risk or not, you can contact Expertis to request, we will check, evaluate and advise  all free  for your business.

To assess the overall level of completion and potential risks on the issue of Salary – Social Insurance, Expertis has an overview check checklist. Please contact us using the registration form in this article to receive the Checklist.

Social insurance monitoring is a task that needs to be done regularly to update and improve the labor system of the enterprise

After completing the registration procedure for the first social insurance for the enterprise, the monitoring of the increase or decrease of participating personnel, related procedures, procedures related to maternity and medical examination, and issuance of social insurance and health insurance cards according to requirements for medical examination and treatment or discontinuation of participation in social insurance ... are jobs that need to be monitored and regularly updated to complete the general labor system of the enterprise.

In most businesses, the Accounting or Human Resources staff is the department in charge of building and monitoring social insurance according to the regulations of state agencies. However, with the continuous change of the law on social insurance, especially the law on dealing with social insurance violations, it is more and more serious, it is more serious that criminal responsibility can be attributed to the violation of issues related to social insurance. in which part comes from not monitoring the social insurance regularly of the enterprise.

Background The Law on Social Insurance has many changes along with the strengthening of social insurance inspections at enterprises

From 2016 and earlier, this issue was still managed by the state, but the problem has changed according to the increasingly difficult route and increased premiums from 2016-2017. Since 2018 there have been many important changes related to LABOR - Wage - SOCIAL INSURANCE. Accordingly, enterprises need to rearrange and re-organize their system so that 03 salaries (Salary shown on financial statements, Salary as the basis for calculating and paying social insurance contributions and actual salary announced by enterprises) enterprise) in the enterprise for consistency, legality and safety. 

Moreover, Vietnam Social Insurance increasingly tightens the participation of social insurance for employees of enterprises, while strengthening the review, inspection and sudden inspection at enterprises. Specifically, the following are some important decisions:

Firstly, there is a comparison between the tax office and the social insurance agency when making tax finalization, or when the social insurance inspection agency inspects.

Second, the Social Insurance Inspection Agency strengthens the inspection of labor records in Ho Chi Minh City

Third, the act of evading social insurance contributions has been elevated to a criminal offense (article 216, Penal Code 2015, applied from January 1, 1).

Fully and accurately perform 3 sets of labor records:

1. Salary records
- Salary scale
- Score sheet (if any overtime)

2. Labor records
- Labor contracts, related decisions
- Labor declaration
- Salary scale profile
- Regulating titles
- Labor regulations
- Labor agreement

3. Trade Union Profile
- Decision to establish Trade Union (if eligible)
- Confirmation is not sufficient to register for the Union Establishment
- Union Seal (separately charged)

Fully perform the following jobs:

- Open social insurance documents, health insurance cards
- Labor declaration
- Trade Union records
- Salary scale profile
- Regulating titles

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