registration service to open profile first time labor insurance salary

We advise and help Build a suitable labor, salary, social insurance system right from the beginning.

The service is used when consulting and implementing the first labor, salary and social insurance registrations for a newly established or newly recruited company.

We help businesses build a system of labor, salaries and insurance from the beginning. Legal registration advice to reduce risks of Labor - Salary - Social Insurance by understanding and complying with the Law on Social Insurance

Standard services like

Standard strictly managed and controlled
  • Work Performance Standards

    Job standards Expertis salary and social insurance are "Fast - Legal - Optimize the benefits of the business" needs of customers, even in specific circumstances. according to schedule, standard, timely and most beneficial records for the business.

  • Performance Professional Standards

    Personnel in charge are always experienced and professionally trained professionals that best match the specific industry of the business. They have the ability to identify and measure the risks of each industry, helping you to control them well.

  • Standard work results

    All Salary and Social Security profiles of customers will be made on modern salary software, reviewed by Expertis Manager and Board of Directors to ensure results are always accurate.

benefit for customers

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Maximum benefits and law

The Salary and Social Insurance specialist will advise on the most profitable solutions for wages and Social Insurance, helping to maximize the cost benefits of the business while creating safety for business owners.

Transfer of responsibility

Responsibility for carrying out the professional issues is transferred to the responsible Expertis, the business owner can focus 100% on business development and building the sales staff.

Professional representative handling incurred

Proactively handle arising problems, actively work with competent agencies, proactively inform and advise businesses of changes in salary and social insurance policies.

Advice and expert support

We have more than 17 years of experience in the field of consulting that will support and advise customers with the best solutions that only experts with many years of experience have.

content services open labor records, salary insurance for the first time

Fully and accurately perform 3 sets of labor records:

1. Salary records
- Salary scale
- Score sheet (if any overtime)

2. Labor records
- Labor contracts, related decisions
- Labor declaration
- Salary scale profile
- Regulating titles
- Labor regulations
- Labor agreement

3. Trade Union Profile
- Decision to establish Trade Union (if eligible)
- Confirmation is not sufficient to register for the Union Establishment
- Union Seal (separately charged)

Fully perform the following jobs:

  • Open social insurance records and health insurance cards
  • Labor report
  • Trade Union records
  • Salary scale records
  • Title regulation

Establishment and implementation of documents:

  • Labor regulations (Applied when enterprises participate in social insurance of over 9 people)
  • Labor agreement (Applicable when an enterprise participates in social insurance of more than 9 people)

Frequently asked questions

Labor inspection risk; the risk of data discrepancy between the salary of social insurance premium and salary included in enterprise costs; risk of miscalculation, arrears and fines.

When starting to generate employees, the enterprise must fully push the contents according to the regulations of the social insurance agencies, Labor, Tax ..., Because, 1 or more employees can have risks if has not been fully implemented.

Therefore, when arising personnel, the enterprise must perform fully or hire professional services to manage. To find out more about the best human resource management and social insurance services of Expertis, you can refer here:

Expetis has a management software with an unlimited number of employees, in addition, the implementation personnel are professionals with professional experience and handling experience when inspecting, checking, ensuring the correct set of documents. Profile for Enterprises with large number of employees.

To assess whether a business is at risk or not, you can contact the Expertis hotline to request, we will check, evaluate and give you a free consultation for your business.

Each employee must have full 3 types of records: Salary records; labor records; Social insurance records.

According to Clause 1, Article 2, Decree 115 / 2015 / ND-CP stipulates: Laborers are Vietnamese citizens participating in compulsory social insurance. Therefore, if any salary from the company is subject to compulsory social insurance.

Online counseling

Salary and Social Insurance consultant will consult online to answer your questions

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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