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EXPERTIS's Human Resources and Payroll service team is designed to help businesses solve labor management problems, build systems and calculate salary costs, and participate in social insurance obligations for employees. . Thereby, enterprises can standardize the management system of Labor, Salary; at the same time comply with the provisions of Labor law and compulsory insurance regimes for employees.


The payroll HR services Expertis offers

Salary management and social insurance services

Salary and Social Insurance Management Service

Salary and Social Insurance management services help to liberate the tasks of payroll calculation and compulsory social insurance for businesses, helping businesses to significantly reduce operating costs and legal risks related to Salary and Social Insurance, and access the most modern and optimal implementation methods.

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With its own strengths, the solution provided through Expertis's payroll service is Specialized and Comprehensive.

We not only advise on the application of the optimal salary policy, but also advise on the application of the salary policy in practice at the enterprise in a specific and systematic way.

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+ Board of Directors, consulting team with many years of experience in consulting for Vietnamese and foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

+ More than 18 years of experience working for thousands of businesses with diverse industries.

Expertis services focus on service quality and building long-term relationships with Customers.

This allows us to understand all aspects of the business and the environment in which it operates, to ensure that the work is focused on the right nature and time, making it efficient and cost-competitive. best.


Salary and social insurance consulting

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