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Expertis provides tax audit services designed to help customers ensure tax law compliance and eliminate tax risks.

Tax audit service

Services Tax audit Expertis's work includes inspecting, evaluating and verifying the reliability of tax information, the amount of tax paid, ensuring tax compliance, and eliminating tax risks.

Expertis's ability

  • The Board of Directors, the tax advisory team has more than 17 years of experience in tax consultancy for thousands of businesses
  • Expertis has a deep understanding of taxes in general and taxes in separate businesses
  • Expertis always supports, consults and understands the customer's business reality

Working methods

Expertis' audit services focus on service quality , and build relationships Long term with Customers. This allows us understanding All aspects of the business and business environment are in operation, to ensure that the work is focused on the right nature, time, and help the work to be effective and cost-competitive.

Content of Tax Auditing service

The work to be done includes:

1. Collecting current tax returns or calculation tables:

  • Reconcile accounting profit and the payable CIT amount on the declaration with the accounting book and financial statements figures;
  • Checking the completeness and accuracy of the determination of taxable / non-taxable income, expenses, eligible / non-deductible or entitled to various incentives, exemptions or tax rates on the basis of the results of audits of the related revenue / expense portions;
  • Assess whether the tax differences are temporary or permanent to determine the current and appropriate deferred CIT;
  • Assess the current status of carry over from previous years (for example: accumulated losses, remaining tax, deferred taxes);
  • Considering changes in tax rates, reductions, tax incentives or tax regulations in the year applicable to the units;
  • Check applicable tax rates and accuracy of the calculation.

2. Check the estimated basis, the calculation method of deferred corporate income tax and consider the evaluation at the end of the period. Check if the accounting of deferred tax assets is in the future when certain future taxable profits will be available to use these deductible temporary differences.

3. Check documents of CIT payment and receipts for CIT refund in the period (if any).

4. Checking expenses to see if there are sales expenses, enterprise management costs, depreciation expenses of fixed assets, payable expenses, prepaid expenses, ... unreasonable, insufficient documents. According to the regulation, it is not possible to deduct when determining taxable income but not excluded by the unit.

The work to be done includes:

1. Collecting VAT declarations in the year / period:

  • Prepare a summary of VAT declared in the year / period. Compare the figures on the summary table with the figures of the accounting books and financial statements (total deductible input VAT, total arising output VAT, total taxable turnover, etc.). Find out the cause of the difference (if any);
  • Check and compare with the tax regulations to ensure that the VAT rate applied by enterprises is consistent with the regulations.

2. Based on sales and other income data subject to VAT and the corresponding tax rate, make an independent estimate of the output VAT and compare it with the accounting data and the VAT declaration. Find out the cause of the difference (if any)

3. Checking tax payment receipts and VAT refund vouchers in the period.

4. Checking the validity of the deductible input VAT:

  • Read the detailed list of input VAT to discover the VAT of non-bank payments [from VND 20 million] or more but still claim deduction;
  • Check the sample of input VAT voucher vouchers to assess the validity of the deductible input VAT amounts in the year;
  • For deductible input VAT on exported raw materials, check the collection of export sales amount corresponding to the deductible input VAT.

5. Discuss with the unit and check the payables to the seller if there is a case of overdue payment and the unit has deducted the corresponding input VAT and is not deductible. At the same time, choose the form to check whether the payment voucher is in accordance with the deadline for deferred payment declaration.

6. Check the ledger and tax return of the months after the end of the accounting period to ensure that the output and input VAT has been fully and timely accounted.

The work to be done includes:

1. To check the calculation, declaration and payment of personal income tax, compare accounting data with tax declarations, payrolls and tax payment vouchers, compare with relevant tax regulations;

2. Considering and executing other administrative expenses to see if there are expenses incurred in the period such as:

  • Give; book translation money; teaching money; money for joining associations, Board of Directors, Board of Members, Management Board, ...; money for the provision of scientific and technical services, cultural and physical training and sports services, construction design consultancy services and legal services; monetary promotions, prizes ...;
  • Rent paid to foreigners, school fees for school children of Vietnamese workers, car rental for individual workers, purchase of optional insurance, medical treatment, ...;
  • Profits / dividends paid in cash to members / shareholders;
  • Loans from individuals;

Benefits of Using Expertis Tax Audit Services

Advice on tax law compliance

Advising on policies and innovations in Vietnam's Tax Law, helping businesses comply with new laws

Tax audit report

Provide a Tax Audit Report showing tax status and advising compliance issues.

Consulting to build tax system

Consulting on tax administration system and monitoring weak points in corporate tax system

Tax planning approach of large entities

Helping businesses approach tax planning methods for businesses that are often applied by large businesses around the world.

Frequently asked questions

  • The unit has a lot of experience related to your business
  • The unit must understand financial, accounting and tax knowledge; communication skills ... (because this factor plays an important role in the quality of services to be provided)
  • Ability to be ready for customer support
  • Meet the needs and service costs

Expertis has processes that help hand over and receive information between customers and Expertis in a smooth, complete and quick way. Moreover, changing services can help enterprises have other perspectives on their businesses, avoiding risks from working and thinking of the way.

With more than 200 years of experience, Expertis has audited thousands of large and small enterprises, we have conducted audits for almost all types of businesses in all fields such as IT, Trade, Manufacturing. Export, Construction, Processing .... Therefore, Expertis can perform audits for any business.

Expertis' customer support program is to advise customers during the period of 12 months from the end of the audit. Therefore, if the enterprise stops using Expertis' service, Expertis will still support and advise enterprises during the one year after the audit.

In order to arrange the audit plan and fully prepare the audit file, the customer should sign before the field audit date for working days.

Depending on the type of business and arising of the business, the time limit for issuing the report is 10 - 20 from the date the customer provides complete documentation for Expertis.

The price list of financial statement audit service depends on the level of work or more or making Vietnamese or English reports. Therefore, customers can choose an appointment for CTY Expertis to contact soonest >> APPOINTMENT SCHEDULE

In order to eliminate risks for businesses, Expertis has 1 services that you can see more that is "Compliance audit service"

Online counseling

Auditing experts and consultants will consult online to answer your questions

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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