Compliance audit

Compliance audit

Compliance audit check, Independent review of compliance of the audit content (laws, regulations, regulations, regimes, policies ...) according to the current regulations.

Expertis provides a compliance review service, implementing the entire Accounting - Tax - Salary - Social Insurance workflow based on the desired compliance level of the business. In this way, businesses can Rest assured of the level of compliance with the law current.

Expertis's ability

Working methods

Expertis' compliance audit focuses on service quality and build relationships Long term with Customers. This method allows us understanding all aspects of the business and the business environment in operation, to ensure the work is focused on the right nature, time, help the work to be effective and cost-competitive.

Board of Directors, a team of auditors, foreign experts with many years of experience

Expertis has 15 years of auditing and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese enterprises

Expertis always supports, consults and understands the customer's business reality

Compliance with regulations on financial and accounting according to business lines

School Law Information Technology Law
Commercial Law Auditing Law
Law on labor leasing industry Health Law

Compliance with laws on state management

Tax obligation

The tax obligation is calculated based on how each tax is determined, usually businesses will have the following tax obligations:

Kind of tax Tax money Penalty is delayed Penalty VPHC
Excise Close 01 times / year Small Delayed submission of false declarations / declarations
VAT Calculated according to% (0-5-10) on invoice revenue 0,03% / day; 0,9% / month; 11% / year Delayed submission of false declarations / wrong declarations / false declarations of penalties%
CIT 20% on profit (Revenue-Cost-Cost) 0,03% / day; 0,9% / month; 11% / year Delayed submission of false declarations / wrong declarations / false declarations of penalties%
Personal Income Tax Accumulated from 5% to 35% depending on income and number of special cases 0,03% / day; 0,9% / month; 11% / year Delayed submission of false declarations / wrong declarations / false declarations of penalties%

Enterprises base on the actual situation of the enterprise to establish tax documents and from there to make tax declaration in accordance with the law of each type of tax. Errors will be handled according to the tax laws as shown above.

Obligation to comply with accounting

Compliance accounting obligations

Enterprises need to maintain a system of accounting books as prescribed by 3 above law and submit financial statements to competent authorities.

The fact that the financial statements are made in contravention of the actual financial situation of the enterprise will lead to violations or difficulties in explaining to the bank or shareholders contributing capital.

Obligation to comply with the law when using labor

Enterprises need to carry out the work in accordance with the Laws to comply with the use of labor. Incorrect implementation may lead to consequences:

- Labor lawsuits, labor disputes

- Salary disputes / Fines due to wrong implementation of salary regulations

- Social Insurance Inspector> Collection of social insurance> Social insurance penalty

Other compliance obligations

- Linked transactions (Transfer pricing and Anti-transfer pricing)

- As a result, the anti-transfer reporting system should be implemented

- Regulations on statistical reporting

- Regulations on Investment Reports >> Investment report (Mainly FDI enterprises)

Content of Compliance Audit

» Consulting to determine tax obligations that businesses must comply with

» Review the implementation of reports and compliance levels of the following: Report Taxes, VAT Reports, CIT Reports and CIT Finalization, Report on Personal Income Tax and PIT Finalization , House tax report

» Consult and review the appropriateness of the current accounting system against the requirements for declaration and reporting

» Review of accounting operations of Party A in accordance with Party A's accounting standards and regimes applied

» Reviewing the preparation of Party A's financial statements in accordance with the accounting regime applied by the enterprise

» Making labor contracts; Labor regulations

» Building salary scales; Payroll

» The calculation of salary, personal income tax calculation, calculation of deductions for employees

» The compliance with social insurance regime of employees

Price list on first registration for bhxh records

» Consult and review transfer pricing and transfer pricing reports

» Assist with the competent authorities including: State Audit, Tax Inspectorate

» Advice on the reasonableness of the above record keeping in Party A

» Consulting tax policies related to Party A

» Consultation on answering questions about Tax Law, Accounting Law, Business Law

» Regularly update the latest information on Tax Law, investment, business environment for Party A or when Party A requests

Question and answer categories

For compliance audits, the object is quite flexible as it serves the needs of the entity or its higher authority that wants to audit the compliance to report to the responsible person in the unit. Another case is that the customer who is not the audited unit needs such as checking compliance with the regulations on corporate income tax in an entity hired by the tax authority, the audit results will be are reported to agencies such as auditing hiring auditors

The standards and standards to evaluate for this service are not too complicated, they are usually easily defined because they are associated with the procedures and rules in the Audit.

The purpose of the compliance audit is to evaluate the compliance with the accounting procedures prescribed by the accountant, to check whether the employee's salary is in accordance with the minimum wage regulation, etc.

The purpose of a compliance audit is to eliminate any legal risks for business owners. At the same time obey the law set by the state.

In addition to the Compliance Check service, the attached service to ensure absolute safety for your business and the transparency of your books can be referenced. Audit Services General Financial Report

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