Auditing service

EXPERTIS's audit services are designed to help clients enhance the truthfulness and reliability of their financial information. Besides, we also help customers to enhance the efficiency of tax management and internal control system of the enterprise.


The audit services Expertis provides

Financial Due Diligence (Financial Due Diligence)

Financial Due Diligence (FDD)

Expertis's Financial Due Diligence service focuses on reviewing and verifying the financial information provided to assess the financial aspects of the target business for the purchase. sale and merger of businesses.

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Business management services

Compliance audit service

Compliance audit independently checks and evaluates the compliance of audit contents (laws, regulations, regulations, regimes, policies, ...) according to current regulations.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

For enterprises, independent audit activities aim to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Contribute to the publicity and transparency of economic and financial information of the audited entity;
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business management of enterprises.

Auditing means the practice of practicing auditors and auditing firms to examine and give their opinions on financial statements and other audit work under an audit contract.

Auditing is beneficial to every aspect of your business, helping you to see the bigger picture of your company as well as its financial health to assist you in making smart business decisions based on data and records.

Interacting with an audit firm makes the presentation of the company's financial records accurate and unbiased.

Hiring an independent external auditor clearly gives your company a sense of neutrality and independence. This is very meaningful to shareholders and people related to the company.

1. Audit report on financial statements evaluate the truthfulness and reasonableness of financial statements, in accordance with accounting standards and accounting regimes promulgated by competent agencies and organizations.

2. Compliance audit report assess the compliance with laws, regulations and regulations in the management and use of money, assets and other resources of the audited entity.

3. Operational audit report assess the economics, effectiveness and efficiency in management and use of money, assets and other resources of the audited entity.

1. Shareholders, investors, parties to joint ventures, associates, customers and other organizations and individuals with direct interests or related to the audited entity handle the relations of interests and obligations of related parties;

2. The audited unit detects, handles and prevents timely errors and weaknesses in its operations.

3. State agencies manage and administer according to their assigned functions and tasks;

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