Consulting services for tax settlement


Consulting service of tax finalization

This service is exclusively for businesses that already have a complete accounting system and this is a useful solution to improve the reliability of the Enterprise Accounting System, and to control Tax and Accounting risks.

Expertis provides a reputable, quality tax settlement consulting service increase quality, Cost savings for Business.

Expertis's ability

Working methods

Expertis' reputable and lawful tax settlement consultancy service focuses on service quality and build relationships Long term with customers. This method allows us understanding All aspects of the business and business environment are in operation, to ensure that the work is focused on the right nature, time, and help the work to be effective and cost-competitive.

Board of Directors, a team of auditors, foreign experts with many years of experience

Expertis has 15 years of auditing and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese enterprises

Expertis always supports, consults and understands the customer's business reality

Contents of consulting services for tax settlement

» Check the problems of monthly tax returns

» Advice on timely adjustment of errors in documents, invoices in and out

» Promptly notify the enterprise of related errors

» Advice to overcome, handle outstanding in financial accounting in the previous year

» Advising businesses on tax circulars, policies and laws

» Balance profit and loss, key data and complete financial statements

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» Complete the procedures, print the books and hand over to the business

» Explain and work with the tax authorities when the tax authorities finalize at the enterprise

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Assist Representatives to submit tax inspections from Expertis

Great value 4 You will receive from our service

Highly specialized personnel

Cooperate with a team of highly experienced and professional personnel

Limit risks
There are personnel in charge of timely work
Cost optimization

Frequently asked questions

First, prepare as follows:

  • Check accounting records, terms, accounting the arising transactions
  • Check tax reports, reports finalizing corporate income tax
  • Check the final settlement of personal income tax and previous financial statements
  • Improving the adjustment of deviations and inconsistencies
  • Prepare documents and complete information to prepare explanations with tax authorities

- Sort original documents monthly

- Print the input invoices, at the same time clamp together with the VAT declaration

- All must have enough signatures by title

- Print annual books in the form of a general diary

- Prepare economic contracts, minutes, acceptance, liquidation of contracts, appointment decisions, ..

- Check and compare debts

- ... .. You can contact us directly or make an appointment for Expertis to advise you more fully and in more detail: Free Consultation

In order for businesses to extend the time for tax finalization with only 1, one way is to talk directly with their inspection team thanks to them delaying the final settlement of 1 time.

According to the motto: If not fully prepared, then postpone 1 time, when clean and beautiful, the final settlement

Always remember 1 "Happy Collaboration" whether you like it or not. Avoiding leaving a bad impression is hard enough

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In addition to tax settlement consulting services, Expertis still has a full-service tax settlement service for businesses. Strictly complying with the law on settlement process together with explanation of tax finalization with state agencies

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