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Business management services help effectively solve all accounting, tax, labor and insurance issues, helping business owners achieve their business management goals effectively.

Package tax accounting services, package tax accounting services in Ho Chi Minh City are important services for businesses.

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Understand your business' statutory obligations

1. What is the accounting responsibility of the head of the enterprise?

The Enterprise Law of Vietnam stipulates that enterprises have obligations have to organize accounting work, must keep accounting books, accounting vouchers and financial statements.

Therefore, when establishing and operating an enterprise, the head of the enterprise must be responsible for organizing and maintaining the accounting system.

The specific implementation is specified in the Accounting Law of Vietnam.

2. What is the tax liability of the head of the business?

Vietnam's enterprise law stipulates that enterprises are obliged to pay taxes and fulfill other financial obligations according to regulations of the Law..

Therefore, when establishing an enterprise and operating, the head of the enterprise must be responsible for tax registration, tax declaration and tax payment in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Administration Law of Vietnam.

3. What is the responsibility for labor and salary of the head of the enterprise?

The Enterprise Law of Vietnam regulates enterprises When hiring workers, they must comply with the labor law, pay wages according to the law on wages, and implement policies and regimes of social insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance and insurance. other employees in accordance with the law.

4. How does Expertis' business management service help me?

3 obligations on accounting, tax, salary and compulsory insurance have the same thing in common is related to MONEY, or more broadly, FINANCE. Finance is a term that refers to matters related to the management, creation, and use of money.

These 3 contents are closely linked, identical to each other, and in each enterprise, they are usually expressed through 3 levels from general to detailed as follows:

  1. The financial statements show a summary of the parameters of the three obligations.
  2. The accounting system shows details and calculated data as the basis for preparing financial statements.
  3. System of invoices, vouchers, tax declarations, tax finalization declarations, labor records, wages, social insurance, etc., as the basis for preparing financial statements.

Expertis' standard business management service helps to perform professional tasks in Taxation, Accounting, Labor, salary and insurance for businesses.

Expertis' business management service results bring to customers

Management and implementation of accounting system

Expertis' accounting services help to build, manage and perform financial accounting and prepare financial statements for businesses that are complete, reasonable, timely and in accordance with the requirements of accounting laws.

Tax declaration, tax finalization, tax consulting

Professionally perform regular activities for businesses, that is, tax declaration, tax finalization and tax finalization representative with tax authorities, helping to solve all tax problems, the business is always in good condition. tax compliance and optimization.

Management and implementation of the system of wages, salaries and social insurance

Managing labor records, building a payroll system, consulting and implementing compulsory social insurance procedures to help free businesses from complicated problems. Just hire personnel, all procedures for that personnel we handle quickly.

Benefits of Expertis' business management services to customers

Optimizing business operating costs

Outsourcing business management services means you are saving 80% of operating costs and 90% of monthly management time for yourself.

Relaxed management

Most of the most complex work in business management has been done by Expertis, business owners can completely focus their resources on the business.

Eliminate risks

Permanent risks of business management are completely eliminated, businesses are also flexible in expanding operations without having to worry about risks out of control.

Reasons to choose Expertis's business management service

+ Board of Directors, team of chief accountants, experts with many years of experience in consulting for Vietnamese and foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.

+ More than 18 years of experience in making settlements for thousands of businesses with diverse industries.

Expertis's prestigious package of accounting services focuses on service quality and building long-term relationships with Clients.

This allows us to understand all aspects of the business and the environment in which it operates, to ensure that the work is focused on the right nature and time, making it efficient and cost-competitive. best.

Personnel in charge are always experienced and professionally trained professionals that best match the specific industry of the business. They have the ability to identify and measure the risks of each industry, helping you to control them well.

All accounting records of customers will be internally audited every 6 months / 1 time by Expertis' independent audit department to ensure accurate results.

+ Accurately perform the work content as agreed in the contract.

+ Prepare reports, send reports as required and on time.

+ Cooperate with customers to find solutions to problems to ensure that the interests of customers come first.

This is a hybrid, all-inclusive, all-in-one solution for businesses.

For the most appropriate service package and the most optimal cost, please contact Expertis on any convenient channel.

We will advise the most optimal solution with the most reasonable cost.

Please see the main contents of business management services below.

Contents of business management services are performed monthly

Every month, your business will be fully implemented by us with the work contents of the two departments of Accounting - Taxation and Labor - Salary as follows:

  • Register accounting policies applicable to businesses;
  • Check the reasonableness and validity of invoices and vouchers;
  • Check revenue - expenses, calculate profit and loss;
  • To make a table of allocation of tools and instruments, a depreciation table of assets according to the prescribed regime;
  • To record accounting books for the arising accounting operations, to conduct accounting entries at the end of the monthly accounting period, to close books;
  • Debt report preparation by subjects;
  • Classify, arrange and close the files and vouchers for each month to archive;
  • Consultancy on setting up the accounting system in accordance with the reporting and reporting requirements of the enterprise; Counseling to answer questions about accounting laws, accounting requirements that enterprises must fulfill;
  • Counseling on setting norms, calculating product costs, calculating cost of goods sold in accordance with the business activities of the enterprise and in accordance with the tax regulations.
  • Make reports on License tax; VAT; CIT / PIT and Finalization of CIT / PIT; Contractor tax for contractors (if any);
  • Making explanations at the request of tax authorities;
  • Guide invoicing, contract consulting and accounting vouchers in accordance with the law;
  • Proactively advise on optimal tax solutions and strictly according to tax laws; Consult tax policies in cases where there is a great risk of Taxation when conducting purchase - sale or transaction activities that give rise to tax amounts;
  • Updated with the latest information about tax laws, tax environment, tax risks related to businesses.
  • Reviewing and summarizing all accounting data in the year, comparing tax payable before making annual reports;
  • Prepare and send CIT / PIT Finalization;
  • Prepare and send annual financial statements to the relevant authorities: Summary of assets, reports on business results, Notes to financial statements, reports on cash flow;
  • Prepare statistical reports at the request of statistical agencies;
  • Register documents for the new year (if any);
  • Close the books, prepare the balance at the end of the period, transfer the balance to the beginning of the new year period.
  • Counseling on signing labor contracts, decisions related to employees;
  • Performing labor declaration procedures when enterprises hire employees;
  • Counseling on setting up labor regulations and registration;
  • Consultancy on making a registered Labor Agreement.
  • Counseling on timekeeping, salary calculation;
  • Counseling on updating salary regulations, salary scale, title regulations;
  • Calculating and preparing payrolls published by the enterprise, this is the most important general payroll of the business, including insurance participation payroll, personal income tax payroll, payroll accounting, payroll food expenses;
  • Consulting and managing personal and dependent tax identification number registration.
  • Consulting and calculating compulsory insurance premiums;
  • Management of the entitlement to insurance benefits: sickness, maternity, retirement, death ...;
  • Manage the issuance of social insurance books, health insurance cards;
  • Advice on joining trade unions and managing trade unions.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about business management services

Enterprise management is the planning, organization, and allocation. use corporate resources and oversight to make the business run efficiently.

The #1 business management rule is to delegate, assign the best people to each position, and trust your employees to do the work instead of trying to do everything on their own.

First of all, to effectively manage a business, it is first necessary to clearly define the goals of the business.

Next, corporate governance must determine the appropriate method and path.

Because there is no one effective management method that applies to all businesses. Third, in management, it is necessary to find ways to optimize and use up enterprise resources. Especially for managing small businesses. 

There are three core elements of an effective management system, which are:

  • Process management
  • Humans participate and operate the process
  • Management tools (Software, support tools)

In the operation of enterprises with many types of data, administrators need to know how to specifically divide each type and have a reasonable control mechanism. This effective way of managing the business requires controlling the following types of data:

  • Good control of cash flow
  • Control sales increase or decrease (Revenue)
  • Keep track of Receivables (Receivables)
  • Good control of inventory (Import and export)
  • Control the productivity of each employee, each department/department (Salary policy and KPIs)

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