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Expertis provides information on the financial position, business situation and cash flows of a business. In this way, the Board of Directors and the users of the Financial Statements can confidently make economic decisions.

Professional financial reporting service helps businesses have a complete set of financial statements, meeting the management requirements of business owners, State agencies and the useful needs of users in making. economic decisions.

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Accounting and tax services package

  • Capacity to prepare financial statements

    Board of Directors, auditors, foreign experts with many years of experience. Expertis has more than 17 years of audit and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese companies. Expertis always supports, conscientious advice and understands the real business of customers

  • Mode of work

    Expertis' complete financial reporting service focuses on quality of service and building long term relationships with Clients. This method allows us to understand all aspects of the business and the operating environment, to ensure the work focuses on the right nature, time, and effective and cost effective work. Most picturesque.

4 benefits for customers

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Advice on tax law compliance

Advising on policies and innovations in Vietnam's Tax Law, helping businesses comply with new laws

Financial statements are prepared in accordance with standards

Provide financial statements that have been prepared for the business in compliance with the required standards.

Consulting on improving internal control

Advise on the internal control system and weaknesses in the system of the enterprise

Consulting the application of complex accounting standards

Advising on complicated accounting operations, helping to present reports in a reasonable and legal manner

content financial reporting services

» Check the problems of monthly tax returns

» Advice on timely adjustment of errors in documents, invoices in and out

» Promptly notify the enterprise of related errors

» Advice to overcome, handle outstanding in financial accounting in the previous year

» Advising businesses on tax circulars, policies and laws

» Balance profit and loss, key data and complete financial statements

» Adjusted general financial statements

» Complete the procedures, print the books and hand over to the business

» Explain and work with the tax authorities when the tax authorities finalize at the enterprise

Frequently asked questions about financial reporting

Financial statements is the most complex and complex report in the types of reports that businesses must submit.

Financial statements used to provide information about the financial situation, business situation and cash flows of a business, to meet the management requirements of business owners, state agencies and useful needs of users in making economic decisions.

Financial statements must provide information of a business about: Property; Liabilities must pay; Equity; Revenue, other income, production and business costs and other costs; Profit, loss and division of business results; Cash flows.

Tax management department

Department of Planning and Investment licensed

Auditing agency

Banks and organizations have credit relations

Company owner

The deadline for submission of financial statements of enterprises (except state-owned enterprises) is stipulated as follows:

Private enterprises and partnerships: the deadline for submission of annual financial statements is day 30 calculated from the end of the fiscal year.

Other businesses: the deadline for submission of annual financial statements is day 90 from the end of the fiscal year.

Regulations on the form and content of financial statements are prepared in accordance with Vietnamese accounting standards and the accounting regime applied by:

Circular 200 / 2014 / TT-BTC;

Decision of 48 / QD-BTC

Decision 15 / 2006 / QD-BTC

The financial statement is the report that the Director of the enterprise is responsible for the content, form, and commitment of the data is correct, truthful and reasonable, as a basis for working when the house is inspected, inspected and audited. country, is the direct responsibility of the Director and Chief Accountant of the enterprise.

Expertis conducts an audit of its financial statements in accordance with international financial reporting standards IFRSs to help international financial transactions reduce costs and increase transparency.

To increase transparency as well as efficiency for the entire accounting system, you can outsource the attached services with the most economical cost instead of just choosing 1 or 2 DV individually.

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