Accounting and tax services package

Accounting and Taxation Services help businesses effective settlement of all accounting and tax issues, helping business owners achieve tax goals in the context of constantly changing laws, helping business owners Save time and money, comply with laws and safety when settling.

Besides performing the duties of Tax and Accounting, we also advise on solutions to manage and operate an efficient, economical accounting system, suitable to the business scale and type of business. Karma.

Detailed work of Accounting Service and Package Tax

  • To make License Tax Reports;
  • Preparing VAT Reports;
  • Prepare reports on corporate income tax and finalization of corporate income tax;
  • Prepare reports on personal income tax and finalization of personal income tax;
  • To make Contractor Tax Reports for Party A's contractors that pay and are responsible for paying contractor's taxes (if any);
  • Carry out Explanation upon request from the tax authority; Carry out the Settlement of settlement when there is notice of tax finalization at the enterprise.
  • Guide invoicing, contract consulting and accounting vouchers in accordance with the law;
  • Proactively advise on optimal tax solutions and strictly according to tax laws; Consult tax policies in cases where there is a great risk of Taxation when conducting purchase - sale or transaction activities that give rise to tax amounts;
  • Updated with the latest information about tax laws, tax environment, tax risks related to businesses.
  • Register accounting policies applicable to businesses;
  • Check the reasonableness and validity of invoices and vouchers provided by Party A;
  • Check revenue - expenses, calculate profit and loss;
  • To make a table of allocation of tools and instruments, a depreciation table of assets according to the prescribed regime;
  • To record accounting books for the arising accounting operations, to conduct accounting entries at the end of the monthly accounting period, to close books;
  • Print accounting books according to registered accounting regimes, or provide accounting book data files for archival; In case it is done on enterprise software, backup data is safe;
  • Prepare a debt report by the object (Customers and Suppliers of Party A);
  • Sort, organize and close the files, documents to store each month.
  • Consultancy on setting up the accounting system in accordance with the reporting and reporting requirements of the enterprise; Counseling to answer questions about accounting laws, accounting requirements that enterprises must fulfill;
  • Advise and guide Party A's employees to check the validity and validity of receipt of accounting vouchers;
  • Consultancy on setting norms, calculating product prices, cost of goods sold in conformity with business activities of enterprises and according to the provisions of Tax;
  • Reviewing and summarizing all accounting data in the year, comparing tax payable before making annual reports;
  • Prepare and send the Statement of Corporate Income Tax;
  • Prepare and send a Statement of Personal Income Tax (part of the obligation of the payer);
  • Prepare and send annual financial statements to the relevant authorities: Summary of assets, reports on business results, Notes to financial statements, reports on cash flow;
  • Prepare statistical reports at the request of statistical agencies;
  • New year registration (if any): Re-registration for tax period, Re-registration of value-added tax deduction, license change for license fees, change registration change accounting method… .;
  • Close the books, prepare the balance at the end of the period, transfer the balance to the beginning of the new year period.

Service standards


Expertis's motto is "Do it now and do it best" needs of customers, even in specific circumstances. Make sure the work goes according to the schedule, standard records, timely and most beneficial to the business.


Personnel in charge are always the subjects with experience and expertise best suited to the industry of the business. They have the ability to identify and measure the risks of each type of industry, helping you control the risks well.


All accounting records of customers will be re-audited every 6 months by Expertis auditing department to ensure the results are always accurate. Results will be sent to customers 1 times / year. Therefore, businesses are completely assured with the records and books handed over.

Benefits of using the Accounting and Taxation service of Expertis

Save time and money

Using Expertis' accounting and taxation services helps optimize reasonable tax costs and save the cost of operating accounting systems and tax compliance, minimizing time-consuming tasks. .

Proactively process records

Actively handle arising issues, actively work with competent agencies, proactively notify and advise businesses of changes related to tax policies

Safe, maximum benefits and lawful

Accounting and tax experts will advise on the most profitable, legal and safe solutions for business owners.

Transfer of responsibility

Responsibility for carrying out the professional issues is transferred to the responsible Expertis, the business owner can focus 100% on business development and building the sales staff.

Gift for business

Documentation guiding all procedures on e-Invoice when selling goods and services of enterprises. Help businesses update new regulations, comply with right to avoid unfortunate penalties.

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Frequently asked questions

Your business needs professional guidance

  • Using the service to meet your financial management needs can give your company a new direction. At the same time, it helps cut costs and improve your finances.
  • You get a sensible accounting approach to save you time and money. You will also receive expert reviews and guidance to help ensure that you do not make costly mistakes.
  • Whether you're just getting started or you're already successful, using accounting services is beneficial. New options can take your business to the next level

You have made an accounting mistake in the past

  • Perhaps you were in charge of your own company accounting or have another employee do so. Whatever it is, if you do not use an experienced accountant, mistakes are possible. There are thousands of very simple accounting errors that are difficult to identify and correct when committed.
  • For new companies, a common mistake is not to learn to keep proper records.
  • When you're busy running a business, simplifying your accounting can be encouraged.
  • You may include all of your expenses, including rent, staff salaries, and office resources, in one category. Then, you include the rest in a portfolio for profit.
  • After all, from a non-accountant perspective, it seems reasonable to assume that all non-expenses will be profit.
  • But splitting your profile into precise categories with the help of an accounting service specialist can help you better assess the success of your business. These profiles can also be used to create budgets or help you change as profits begin to decline.

Your company is growing

  • As your company started to expand, so did its accounting needs. Currently, it may only need to process a few transactions per week, you may soon have dozens. Although you may have had only one or two employees before, you can now hire many others who will need to be paid and record their hours worked. In addition, you will also experience changes in tax requirements and potential deductions.
  • Trying to resolve these issues internally while managing a growing business can be a challenge. Even the smallest mistakes can hinder your company's development. Therefore, it is best to use the service to meet your accounting needs as your business begins to grow and expand.

You need advanced accounting but worry about the cost

  • Some companies expand their finance and accounting departments as they grow, instead of outsourcing.
  • But as your company grows, you will need someone with advanced accounting skills. Perhaps you've had an employee handle some of your company's financial problems in the past. However, a higher cash flow requires advanced skills that your employees may not have.
  • Hiring an internal accountant with those skills can be very costly. Using the service is an affordable, effective alternative.
  • Newly established businesses, unknown should set up the accounting system how to be easy to operate and manage
  • Enterprise There are no qualified accountants enough to handle arising issues in a clever and reasonable manner but still ensuring the lawful safety
  • Businesses want Minimize operating and management costs accounting department

  • Businesses want change the accounting service provider old to experience with a new unit
  • Businesses want ensure maximum legal security, optimal current tax costs
  • Enterprises need to find units share burdens and support management of the accounting system for focus on the business
  • From the perspective of a manager, the use of a full-service accounting service will help businesses save recruitment costs, salary costs, social insurance, monthly salary and expenses, facilities costs, educate…
  • Expertis' personnel are constantly trained and updated with new circulars or decrees and policies to help employees update and handle quickly in their work.
  • Expertis' Quality Control and Customer Care department listens and solves problems that arise, ensuring service quality standards.
  • Employees who perform their tasks are qualified and dedicated personnel

If an error occurs due to Expertis, we will take full responsibility.

  • Expertis offers the Chief Accountant service
  • Expertis provides chief accountant services in the following areas: Chief Accountant of Tax Section, Chief Accountant of the Bank, Chief Accountant of Internal Affairs
  • Accounting books are organized systematically, making it easy to manage and retrieve data
  • There are grounds to make production and business decisions for quarters, business periods through reports and consultation of accounting experts.
  • Do not worry about being eliminated, being paid when finalizing taxes
  • Control 100% of Accounting and Tax risks
  • Balancing costs - reasonable profit and loss and optimal tax costs for the business
  • Accounting documents and records of enterprises are archived and confidential
  • Consulting on building an accounting system suitable to the size and characteristics of the business
  • Maximum savings in operating costs of the accounting apparatus

When the Enterprise Book System is cluttered, the high possibility will face the following conditions:

  • There is a lack of consistency between years on accounting, accounting and books on accounting system
  • Data is not balanced, businesses think of profits but turn out losses due to wrong accounting
  • The reasonableness of financial statements is not guaranteed.
  • A wide range of costs is at risk of being overpaid, subject to collection and payment of taxes and penalties.
  • Unable to explain when tax finalization, resulting in tax and penalties ...

With increasing responsibility in accounting and taxation due to the changing legal environment, today most businesses tend to work towards solutions. outsourcing Accounting and taxation services Because this service brings a lot of benefits for businesses.

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