complete service accounting records

Complete service Accounting records are a type of service to review, assess the status of accounting records and complete accounting records for management purposes and tax settlement of businesses.

After agreeing on the plan to check the books with the director / manager, Expertis will conduct to check and compare data among different types of accounting books. We will notify businesses of the current status of their records and accurately update their financial status.

As soon as a mistake or unreasonable point is found, we will begin processing to improve the status of the application!

Standard services like

Accounting and tax services package

Standard strictly managed and controlled
  • Work Performance Standards

    Expertis' standard of completing accounting records is "Fast - Legal - Optimizing the interests of the business" needs of customers, even in specific circumstances. on schedule, standardized, timely and most profitable records for the business.

  • Performance Professional Standards

    Personnel in charge are always experienced and professionally trained professionals that best match the specific industry of the business. They have the ability to identify and measure the risks of each industry, helping you to control them well.

  • Standard work results

    All accounting records of customers will be audited internally by an independent audit department of Expertis to ensure the results are always accurate .. So businesses are completely assured with records , the books are handed over.

benefit for customers

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After completing the Bookkeeping with Expertis, thanks to a solid base of metrics and qualified records, you can confidently present your numbers to bankers, investors, and buyers. , ... the subjects for which you want to present the results of your business.

In addition, you can make better decisions to expand and grow your business thanks to a complete and accurate information base.

  • Know exactly business results (how profit-loss)
  • Safe before the tax settlement
  • Increasing advantages when participating in project bidding, seeking investment opportunities
  • Present your confidence with bank loans
  • There are accurate bases for business development plans

implementation process complete accounting records

  • Check all input invoices, report wrong use invoices, errors, misplaced ...
  • Check the entire output invoice, notice that invoices are lost, canceled improperly, not match with sales records ...
  • Prepare and complete accounting documents, administrative documents as prescribed for input and output original documents.
  • Reviewing and re-establishing the system of detailed books: Goods, debts, allocations, depreciation, wages ...
  • Review and re-establish the ledger of accounts: From type 1 to type 9
  • Review and repeat the General Journal
  • Check the revenue and expenses of the business, notify the error status, the validity - reasonable ...
  • Checking the goods, cost of goods to determine the situation of excess - shortage of stock; check cost of goods sold and production cost ...
  • Handling, re-balancing expenses, revenue; balance profit - loss for the business
  • Check enterprises' VAT, PIT and CIT declaration dossiers by month / quarter / year
  • Checking the financial statements, comparing the indicators on the report with the accounting books
  • Evaluate status of records, advise and conduct adjustments - complete in accordance with regulations

FREE check of accounting records for 50 businesses in HCMC

Expertis supports checking, reviewing and consulting about risk issues in the accounting records of businesses. This is an extremely important step, helping business owners accurately grasp the status of books, financial issues of their businesses; at the same time serving well for tax settlement and making year-end financial statements.

Survey results, check records will be sent to business managers in a specific and transparent way.


  • The program applies to businesses in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Limited to 50 slots until December 31, 12
  • The program may be stopped ahead of time if the number of subscriptions is sufficient

Using the book finishing service is a smart choice, helping you quickly get a set of books TRUE - ENOUGH - TAX PRIORITY law!


To make the Accounting System complete - safer, you should use the following additional services:


  • Performing jobs and Tax Accounting of businesses
  • Tax Law Consulting is suitable for business type
  • Support internal accounting to perform arising transactions
  • Check and consult reasonably the figures of business accounting


  • Check the problems of monthly tax returns
  • Advice on correcting errors of vouchers, invoices, and entries
  • Balance profit and loss, key data and complete financial statements
  • Adjusted general financial statements

SALARY SERVICES - Social insurance

  • Fully implement the labor record set for businesses
  • Monitoring labor situation fluctuations in the month
  • Collation and Advice on the reasonableness of data between the books of the Party and the Social Insurance
  • Prepare a payroll and payroll for the business
  • Support for tax explanation (if required)

Frequently asked questions

If an error occurs due to Expertis, we will take full responsibility.

Expertis offers the Chief Accountant service
Expertis provides chief accountant services in the following areas: Chief Accountant of Tax Section, Chief Accountant of the Bank, Chief Accountant of Internal Affairs

When the Enterprise Book System is cluttered, the high possibility will face the following conditions:

There is a lack of consistency between years on accounting, accounting and books on accounting system
Data is not balanced, businesses think of profits but turn out losses due to wrong accounting
The reasonableness of financial statements is not guaranteed.
A wide range of costs is at risk of being overpaid, subject to collection and payment of taxes and penalties.
Unable to explain when tax finalization, resulting in tax and penalties ...

With the growing responsibility in Accounting and Tax due to the changing legal environment, today, most businesses often turn to solutions to outsource Accounting and tax services because this service offers a lot of benefits for business.

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online support

Our tax and accounting experts will consult online to answer your questions.

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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