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As a business owner, you should always find ways to maximize your performance and production. However, there are too many problems in running a business, this can cause you time and cost constraints or may cause you to focus on only one aspect and prevent you from doing so. Focus on your core business. One of the areas that requires a lot of attention is the needs of your finance department.

Accounting and tax services package Regularly, continuously, replace accounting department

Accounting and Taxation Services help businesses effectively solve their accounting and tax related issues, helping businesses achieve tax goals in the context of constantly updated laws.

In addition to performing regular accounting and tax duties for businesses, we also provide consulting and management services for the accounting system to suit the size and type of business.

Service of completing accounting records reviewing, evaluating the status of accounting records and completing accounting records for management and tax finalization purposes

Expertis provides a complete accounting service with the aim of effectively solving problems related to tax risks, accounting, labor, wages, and social insurance of businesses.

Service of accounting management, construction and direct management of accounting system, ensuring smooth operation, managing accountants, acting as chief accountant.

Professional financial reporting service helps businesses have a complete set of financial statements, meeting the management requirements of business owners, State agencies and the useful needs of users in making. economic decisions.

Expertis provides information on the financial position, business situation and cash flows of a business. In this way, the Board of Directors and the users of the Financial Statements can confidently make economic decisions.

This service is exclusively for businesses that already have a complete accounting system and this is a useful solution to improve the reliability of the Enterprise Accounting System, and to control Tax and Accounting risks.

Expertis provides a reputable, quality tax consulting service that helps improve efficiency and save costs for businesses.

online support

Our tax and accounting experts will consult online to answer your questions.

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.


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