Tax Accounting and Salary Management Service - Social Insurance

Expertis offers a Service package that combines Tax Accounting and Salary Management - Social Insurance to assist Directors and Managers in managing the business more conveniently and effectively.

Service package function combines Accounting and Salary Management - Social Insurance

This combined service package helps to effectively solve all complex problems of the two departments of Accounting and Human Resources, two of the departments that require deep expertise that business owners cannot fully understand. Specifically, each type of service will help you to thoroughly solve the following problems:

Job content is served monthly

Every month, your business will be fully served with the work contents of the two departments of Accounting - Tax and Labor - Salary as follows:

Tax accounting

  • Make reports on License tax; VAT; CIT / PIT and Finalization of CIT / PIT; Contractor tax for contractors (if any);
  • Making explanations at the request of tax authorities;
  • Guide invoicing, contract consulting and accounting vouchers in accordance with the law;
  • Proactively advise on optimal tax solutions and strictly according to tax laws; Consult tax policies in cases where there is a great risk of Taxation when conducting purchase - sale or transaction activities that give rise to tax amounts;
  • Updated with the latest information about tax laws, tax environment, tax risks related to businesses.
  • Register accounting policies applicable to businesses;
  • Check the reasonableness and validity of invoices and vouchers;
  • Check revenue - expenses, calculate profit and loss;
  • To make a table of allocation of tools and instruments, a depreciation table of assets according to the prescribed regime;
  • To record accounting books for the arising accounting operations, to conduct accounting entries at the end of the monthly accounting period, to close books;
  • Debt report preparation by subjects;
  • Classify, arrange and close the files and vouchers for each month to archive;
  • Consultancy on setting up the accounting system in accordance with the reporting and reporting requirements of the enterprise; Counseling to answer questions about accounting laws, accounting requirements that enterprises must fulfill;
  • Counseling on setting norms, calculating product costs, calculating cost of goods sold in accordance with the business activities of the enterprise and in accordance with the tax regulations.
  • Reviewing and summarizing all accounting data in the year, comparing tax payable before making annual reports;
  • Prepare and send CIT / PIT Finalization;
  • Prepare and send annual financial statements to the relevant authorities: Summary of assets, reports on business results, Notes to financial statements, reports on cash flow;
  • Prepare statistical reports at the request of statistical agencies;
  • Register documents for the new year (if any);
  • Close the books, prepare the balance at the end of the period, transfer the balance to the beginning of the new year period.

Salary Management - Social insurance

  • Counseling on signing labor contracts, decisions related to employees;
  • Performing labor declaration procedures when enterprises hire employees;
  • Counseling on setting up labor regulations and registration;
  • Consultancy on making a registered Labor Agreement.
  • Counseling on timekeeping, salary calculation;
  • Counseling on updating salary regulations, salary scale, title regulations;
  • Calculating and preparing payrolls published by the enterprise, this is the most important general payroll of the business, including insurance participation payroll, personal income tax payroll, payroll accounting, payroll food expenses;
  • Consulting and managing personal and dependent tax identification number registration.
  • Consulting and calculating compulsory insurance premiums;
  • Management of the entitlement to insurance benefits: sickness, maternity, retirement, death ...;
  • Manage the issuance of social insurance books, health insurance cards;
  • Advice on joining trade unions and managing trade unions.

Special offers when using the service package combining Tax Accounting and Salary Management - Social Insurance





When using the Combo package for Accounting Services and Labor Management - Salary in this October, you will receive a 10% discount on the tax accounting service fee. and 100% free Payroll service for 02 Vietnamese employees.

Results achieved when using Combined Service Packs


Complete the responsibilities and obligations of Accounting, Tax, Labor and Social Insurance fully, on time and accurately


Easy to access and manage records and documents of the business; smart people management


Save time, effort, and human resources to do the job; minimize the additional costs incurred

Outsourcing Service package combining Tax Accounting and Salary Management - Social insurance is a solution to help businesses maximize benefits, "eliminate the burden" of legal responsibilities

The management of Accounting - Human Resources will be much more efficient and convenient when you always have experts to help you:

  • Saving costs and time to perform personnel management work for both departments
  • Reducing the risk factor of Tax - Social insurance, even internal compliance
  • Get access to the best expert groups and tools to handle all your records
Online counseling

Tax and accountant specialist will consult online to answer your questions

I was surprised to receive enthusiastic advice from the Board of Directors of EXPERTIS. The problems are always answered very quickly and handled well. I feel secure with the service and commitment that EXPERTIS brings to TPM Outdoor.