Package Tax Accounting Service HCMC | Only from 500.000đ / month

With more than 15 years together with thousands of domestic and foreign-owned businesses, Expertis's Tax Accounting service has assisted thousands of businesses in fulfilling their goals of Tax, Accounting, Labor, Salary and social insurance with the most preferential costs in the market.

Service accounting tax package

The content and work Expertis will perform:

Consult and implement procedures for registering taxes of businesses

○ Preparation of License Tax Reports

○ Prepare VAT Reports

○ Preparing Reports on Corporate Income Tax and Finalization of Corporate Income Tax

○ Preparing Reports on PIT and Finalization of PIT

○ Explanation for tax finalization when required by tax authorities

Perform specific tasks of Accounting - Tax

○ Advise on the use of input and output invoices reasonably

○ Classify original documents, balance input and output VAT

○ Prepare tax return, personal income tax return, report on use of invoices, temporarily calculate corporate income tax

○ Submit a tax report to the tax authority as required

○ Complete vouchers and bookkeeping

+ Prepare accounting documents: Import, export, collection and payment

+ Making detailed books to calculate product prices, goods and warehouse books, receivables and payables

+ Prepare allocation forms, depreciation ... according to regulations

+ Prepare payroll, labor-related forms.

+ Make book of accounts

+ Making general diary

+ Prepare CIT and PIT finalization

○ Prepare year-end financial statements

Price of Accounting Service package

Special offers for businesses using Expertis tax accounting service for the first time:

Reduce 50% service fee when no revenue generated => and 500.000đđ / month

Free first time tax registration (for new businesses)

Expertis can only quote accurately for businesses knowing:


Number of input and output invoices / month

Services attached (according to the needs of the business): Service of making debt reports, making internal reports, ...

Documentation Customers need to provide to Expertis

► Input and output invoices (original or photo)

► Digital signature to submit tax report online (Token)

See more: Frequently asked questions of package service

Commitment of responsibility from the Services of Expertis

With experience over 15 years in the industry, Expertis understands the most important issue in the accounting - taxation of every business is COMPLIANCE, REASONABLE and TIMELY.

Understanding these expectations of businesses, Expertis always tries to support businesses to accomplish the goals of Tax and Accounting.

★ Commitment To regulations

The system of books and vouchers in full according to the provisions of law and tax authorities

★ Ensuring consistency in accounting

Ensure the correctness and consistency in accounting

★ Own the complete set of accounting books

There is a complete set of soft books and hard files

★ Optimize costs

Enterprises are completely confident with books to settle tax with small cost

Contact the Hotline for advice: 0903 024 034 (Ms.Minh)

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