Proposing "Establishing a special working group to attract quality FDI after epidemic"

Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung, former Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management, member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Group set up a special working group negotiate with corporations and businesses intending to move production lines attract quality FDI after translation.

Background and action

After the positive results in combating Vietnam's epidemic, many people think that high quality FDI will enter Vietnam.

Mr. Nguyen Van Be, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Industrial Enterprises Association, said that Vietnam is considered a safe destination for investors thanks to the Government's efforts in controlling and repelling the Covid-19 epidemic. . Besides, Vietnam is also a bright spot in Southeast Asia when investors in the US, Europe and Japan ... are determined to move the factory out of China.

TS Nguyen Dinh Cung also forecast that there will certainly be a wave of capital shift. However, if we just wait passively, this capital flow may not have come or may have come to Vietnam, but it is a quality flow of capital.

In fact, over the past decades, FDI enterprises have had certain shortcomings such as exploitation of resources, exploitation of cheap labor, exploitation of Vietnam's preferences, even suppressing the domestic company.

This is the time to select and welcome quality FDI inflows. To do that, we must take the initiative, we must act, we must find investors!

"Establishment of a special working group to attract quality FDI capital"

Accordingly, he proposed specific actions as follows:

Set up a special working group, taking the authority of the Prime Minister to negotiate with corporations and businesses intending to move production lines.

Such action will help Vietnam know what multinational corporations are doing and what they need. At that time, Vietnam also set its own goals to attract capital, what it needed from investors.

Mr. Cung pointed out the specific actions, divided into many groups to take action, some will invite, greet, go ahead, meet to pull the capital they need to return. Can't wait, if you wait, other countries will skim the best. The remaining ones just came to Vietnam. (According to Zing News)

He also proposed more, to simplify administrative procedures, investment procedures, business ..., how to make it most convenient and fastest so as not to waste time of the business.

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