Digital signature for Electronic Invoices - Utility and utility?

Digital signature for Electronic Invoice / Digital Certificate / Electronic Token

What is digital signature?

A digital signature, also known as an electronic token, is an indispensable device for businesses today. Used in electronic transactions to identify the signer.

The digital signature is issued immediately after the business license, the enterprise must carry out the initial tax declaration procedure and pay the excise.

Digital certificate is a device that encrypts all data and information of an enterprise to use it to sign instead of the signature on the types of documents and digital documents carried out in electronic transactions via the internet.

+ Digital certificate is like a USB (USB Token).

+ Digital certificate is secured by PIN.

In addition it is easy to transfer, cannot be imitated by anyone and has automatic time stamping. Having the ability to ensure the original document is sent to its place and it is not easy for the sender to not recognize it later.

Since its introduction, businesses seem to make remote transactions over the Internet easy, simple and secure. Ensuring the integrity of the legal value of electronic transactions and is a proof against denying responsibility on the signed content, helping individuals or organizations also feel more secure with electronic transactions. his death

Creating favorable conditions for businesses to save time, transaction costs greatly without having to print declarations and red stamps of the company.

- According to the 4 Point Law No. 21 / 2012 / QH13, the Law on Tax Administration No. 78 / 2006 / QH11 has added the 10 Clause to Article 7 applicable from 1 / 7 / 2013 on the use of digital signatures for enterprises. .

- Accordingly, from 1 / 7 / 2013, it is mandatory for all businesses to use digital signatures to declare tax online.

- The Ministry of Finance also issued the Decision No. 2341 / QD-BTC officially mandating the use of digital signatures registered with the customs authorities when performing electronic customs procedures, applicable to all Enterprises nationwide apply from 01 / 11 / 2013.

What is digital signature?

How is digital signature applied?

- Use in email transactions of businesses such as: Signing a partner contract without meeting, signing agreement documents, buying and selling online, online business, e-banking transactions, electronic social insurance declaration, online stock trading, national one-stop portal, administrative agencies, ..

- Use in electronic public administrative services such as: Tax declaration, electronic customs declaration, licenses

Steps for electronic tax payment through Electronic Token?

This is also a question that confuses many businesses or accountants when starting to use electronic tokens for the first time. This is done with 5 as follows:

Step 1: Open a payment bank account
Step 2: Register account information on the tax page
Step 3: Submit bank registration form and receive password via mail
Step 4: Change Password
Step 5: You can proceed with paying the desired taxes

Enterprise digital signature information includes:

Business Name includes: Tax Code / Company Name / Address / Representative /….
Number of digital certificates
Valid term of digital certificate
Name of digital signature authentication organization
Restrictions on purpose, scope of use
Limitations on the responsibilities of the certification service provider
Other contents as prescribed by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Thus, digital signatures have the same legal validity as hand signatures and seals.

On 29 / 11 / 2005 The Government has enacted the Law on Electronic Transactions; Detailed provisions for the implementation of the Law on Electronic Transactions on digital signatures and digital signature authentication services in Decree No. 26 / 2007 / ND-CP dated 15 / 02 / 2007

Currently, businesses can buy electronic tokens from reputable suppliers and as prescribed by law such as:

Digital signature VIETTEL

FPT digital signature

Digital signature BKAV

Digital signature VINA

Digital signature NEWTEL

Digital signature NACENCOMM...

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