Update business address due to the establishment of Thu Duc City

Resolution 1111 / NQ-UBTVQH14 issued by UBTVQH on December 09, 12 on the establishment of the city. Thu Duc. Accordingly, Thu Duc City will be established on the basis of merging 3 districts: District 2, District 9 and Thu Duc District. The resolution takes effect from January 1, 1.

From January 1, 1, all documents, legal papers and business licenses must be adjusted to match the name of the city. Thu Duc. 

Enterprises located in 3 transformed districts must have the responsibility to supplement and update business information to suit the new administrative boundaries.

The change of administrative boundaries leads to changes in information on business registration certificates and other legal documents. The procedure for change is as follows:

1. Change the business registration certificate of an enterprise

Submit application for updating business registration information to Business Registration Office - Department of Planning and Investment of centrally-affiliated cities / provinces

Profile include:

  • Notice of the addition and update of enterprise registration information in the form of Appendix II-5 to Circular 20/2015 / TT-BKHDT;
  • Notice of changes to tax registration contents using the form in Appendix II-1 to Circular 20/2015 / TT-BKHDT;
  • Decisions and meeting minutes of the Members' Council, for limited liability companies with two or more members, of the General Meeting of Shareholders, for joint-stock companies, of general partners, for partnerships. ; Decision of the company owner, for a one-member limited liability company.

Results received: Business registration certificate with updated head office address

2. Re-engrave the seal of the legal entity (Change the seal model)

  • If the seal is issued before July 01, 7, the enterprise needs to submit a written request to cancel the seal together with the Certificate of seal sample registration and the company's old seal to the police agency requesting the cancellation of the seal. . After successfully canceling the old seal, the company contacted the seal making company to make a new seal at the updated address.
  • Before using the new seal, the company must notify the Business Registration Office of the seal sample and the number of seals according to Appendix II-9 in Circular 20/2015 / TT-BKHDT.
  • If the enterprise's seal is after July 01, 7: the enterprise should contact directly with the seal-making unit to make a new seal. After that, the enterprise informs the Business Registration Office - Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment about the seal sample and the number of seals.

Result: The round seal of the business is legal to use

3. Modify the address information on the invoice

Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department has issued instructions to adjust invoices for businesses in Thu Duc city. buy a new invoice book.

According to the instructions in the Official Letter 333_CTTPHCM-TTHT using invoices made by Thu Duc City, according to which:

Since the business registration certificate has been converted by the competent authority of the address of the head office according to the new administrative unit (or from the date of the official administrative apparatus of Thu Duc city) action - February 07, 2) organizations and individuals doing business in the administrative division that change the name of the administrative unit shall write the address information and do not have to send the notice of information adjustment in the notice of issuance. invoice (TB2021 / AC) to the tax agency directly managing it (form No. 04 in Appendix 3.13 issued together with Circular 3/39 / TT-BTC). 

  • Business organizations using self-printed invoices and e-invoices must actively install software to change the address criteria on invoices and vouchers according to the name of the new administrative unit;
  • For pre-printed invoices, information of the old administrative unit shall be crossed out, stamped with information of the new administrative unit on pre-printed invoices for further use.
  • For business organizations and individuals that buy invoices from tax authorities, cross out information about old administrative units, stamp new administrative unit information on invoices with pre-stamped geographic information. only on the invoice to continue to use or delete to buy a new invoice book.

4. Update investment certificate or investment registration certificate

Only applicable to companies with foreign direct investment - FDI with an Investment Certificate or Certificate of Investment Registration.

This procedure is not carried out in cases where foreign capital is in the form of Indirect Investment without an Investment Certificate or an Investment Registration Certificate.

Document composition Update company address when District 9 District 2 Thu Duc District moves to Thu Duc City

  • Application for adjustment of investment project;
  • Report on the implementation of the investment project up to the time of adjustment;
  • Decision of the investor on the investment project adjustment;
Author: Specialized Committee
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