Need to "remove" immediately the text stacked text

"Now issued as much as this is not acceptable, a country where documents are piled up, even we can not remember all, very miserable," Minister Mai Tien Dung shared.

The debt situation is still very much

On the morning of October 1, Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung presided over the working group of the Prime Minister with 10 ministries and agencies on the development of documents detailing laws, ordinances and issues. project in the work program of the Government in the first 10 months of the year.

Minister Mai Tien Dung said that the current issuance of documents is too much, piling up, even officials do not remember all.

Particularly, in the first nine months of 9, there are 2020 projects that must be submitted, and 301 projects outstanding

  • Mr. Le Thanh Tung, Director General (Government Office), said that from the beginning of the year until now, the Government has issued 37 documents, owing 18 documents detailing legally effective, under the responsibility of Ministry of Finance, Public Security, Home Affairs, Industry and Trade, Education and Training, and Government Inspectorate. Among them is the Ministry of Finance with 6 decrees, Police 5, Home Affairs 4.

Regarding 18 documents of the ministries' outstanding debts, of which 3 with objective reasons are regulations on new issues, it is necessary to consult the authorities carefully. The remaining 15 documents were slow due to subjective reasons, such as: the agency in charge of drafting was not active; Agencies responsible for coordination and consultation are still late; The agency in charge of drafting the draft document is slow to absorb, not fully absorb the opinions of the Government members, so it must be sent back and forth.

  • Regarding the work program of the Government, the Prime Minister, in the first 9 months of 2020, there are 301 projects to be submitted, to date 35 outstanding projects are still outstanding.
  • In addition, with laws and ordinances taking effect from January 1, 1, ministries still have to submit to the Government for promulgation 2021 documents, two currently submitted, and 49 have not yet submitted.

Definitely need to "gather" documents and handle outstanding debts

Mr. Dung added that the promulgation of decrees is still very many, there are laws to promulgate 15 decrees, not to mention one decree still has many circulars. Meanwhile, the promulgation of many decrees and circulars causes difficulties for businesses and people.

“There has been a resolution of the Government, one document correcting many documents, to definitely direct the gathering. Now this much issue is unacceptable, a country where the text is piled up, even we cannot remember all, it is very miserable, ”he said.

In addition, the Prime Minister always reminded the units to promptly detect problems, overlaps and contradictions to propose the Government and competent authorities to remove, create a favorable legal corridor, promote product development. business, especially in Covid-19.

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Mr. Dung led experience from the UK, the first stage was to issue a new document to destroy an old document; Phase two issued a new one must cancel the old two. The country is entering the third stage reform, issuing a new document to destroy three old documents. Therefore, the agencies of this country restrict the submission of new documents if they cannot cancel the old ones.

He emphasized that, if you do not accelerate, not actively, or drastically, the number of outstanding documents will greatly increase. "In the spirit of the Prime Minister's direction, agencies are required to focus on handling, not to owe detailed regulations before the 10th session of the National Assembly takes place".

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