Abolishing the procedure for notification of seal sample from 2021

Decree 01 / 2021 / ND-CP regulations on enterprise registration, in which some unnecessary administrative procedures related to enterprise registration are abolished. Typical is the regulation on the Seal.

Procedures for changing the business seal

Enterprises will not need to notify use, change or cancel the seal sample

Specifically, the new regulations on enterprise seals now Enterprise Law 2020 Deregulation: "Before using, the enterprise is obliged to announce the seal sample to the business registrar for public posting on the National Business Registration Portal".

Accordingly, regulations on enterprise's seal only include the following contents:

  • The seal includes the seal made at the seal engraving establishment or the seal in the form of a digital signature in accordance with the law on electronic transactions.
  • The enterprise decides on the seal type, quantity, form and content of the seal of the enterprise, its branch, representative office and other units.
  • The management and keeping of the seal comply with the company's charter or the regulations issued by the enterprise, branch, representative office or other unit of the enterprise.
  • Enterprises use stamps in transactions according to law provisions.

Enterprises do not need to stamp in the application for enterprise registration

About the use of the seal, at Clause 5 Article 4 of Decree 01/2021 / ND-CP regulations:

The enterprise is not required to affix a seal on the application for enterprise registration, notice of changes in enterprise registration, resolutions, decisions, meeting minutes in the enterprise registration dossier.

The stamping of other documents in the application for enterprise registration complies with relevant laws.

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