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"We provide useful solutions for effective business operation management"

Our service offers:

Manage your organization better

Higher operating efficiency

More flexibility for your organization

Reduce operating costs

Our services


Our audit services are designed to help businesses control their financial position, enhance the truthfulness and reliability of financial information.

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Our targeted, proactive approach saves you time and money, and helps you achieve your management visions and financial goals.

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Taxes consultant

Our tax consulting service uses our understanding of Vietnam's tax policy combined with international tax practice to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Build system

The service of building accounting - finance - corporate governance systems helps to build a standard management system for businesses, providing all necessary management information.

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Personnel salaries

Helping you to build HR policies, salary, social insurance for your team that are reasonable, competitive, achieve financial goals and comply with laws and regulations.

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Investment consulting

Our in-depth understanding of each business area at both the start-up and operational stages turns your vision and business aspirations into results. 

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Specialized knowledge in each business area

The power of experience in the industry makes a clear difference. We're here to help you get the most out of your abilities and resources.

Customer Reviews

Beside Vietnamese is the main language. We have the ability to provide direct service, direct English consultation from professionals and consultants.

For legal language, this makes a huge difference in the quality of advice compared with the method [1 expert in charge + 1 translator].

Over the years of our operations, we have come to the ability to charge service charges based on wasted hours x Expert earnings per hour.

All of our services are billed on this principle, creating clarity, transparency and providing flexibility for clients in choosing consultants.

Owns B24 technology company. We are experts in information technology, so the methods and applications we use to do work for our customers are modern ones based on modern information technology. Therefore, customer data is always safe, with modern and scientific implementation methods, saving costs for customers.

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Expertis - Warehouse of management knowledge

A system of useful knowledge for business management compiled and updated daily by Expertis

The latest business-related tax content is compiled and updated daily by Expertis Expertis