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We are a sharp and reliable consultant in the field of Auditing - Accounting - Taxation - Labor - Investment and M&A to help manage and develop your business.
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We design scientific and practical management knowledge to help you effectively manage the operations of your business.
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“We provide useful solutions for businesses to manage their operations effectively. In addition, we provide solutions to help businesses expand their business investment.”

Works more efficiently

+ Reduce operating costs
+ Higher operating efficiency

Better management

+ Your organization is better managed
+ More flexibility for you to develop and expand


These are services that help with market entry, investment, business, expansion of domestic and foreign-invested enterprises.

Our in-depth understanding of each business area at both the start-up and operational stages turns your vision and business aspirations into results.

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Building a standard accounting - financial - management system for businesses, providing all necessary management information and is a prerequisite for successful business expansion.

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Expertis focuses on reviewing and verifying the financial information provided to evaluate the financial aspects of the target business for the appraisal of mergers and acquisitions.

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This is a group of services professionally designed and implemented for more than 18 years to help manage businesses in Vietnam effectively.

Our audit services are designed to help businesses control their financial position and enhance the truthfulness and reliability of their financial information.

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Our targeted, proactive approach saves you time and money, and helps you achieve your management visions and financial goals.

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Our tax consulting service uses our understanding of Vietnam's tax policy combined with international tax practice to help you achieve your financial goals.

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Helping you to build HR policies, salary, social insurance for your team that are reasonable, competitive, achieve financial goals and comply with laws and regulations.

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Core values

Proficient in professional knowledge, professional implementation skills, dedicated to customers, understand the problem and join hands to find the best solution for customers.

Please see our repository of specialized and in-depth knowledge content for each of our business lines.