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You need to find a sharp and dedicated consultant?

Qualifications - Qualifications

With 17 years of operation and development, Expertis has been fully equipped with Human Resources - Competencies - Qualifications to be able to bring its customers the best services.

Effective and fast advice

Expertis has the ability to advise on effective and quick solutions to the challenges or complex problems you are facing.


In addition to being quality-focused, Expertis always puts your issue in a long-term perspective to prepare you for long-term sustainable performance options.

Career Field

Specialized knowledge and experience in each area determines success or failure in business management

Trade Sector

Managing inventory and goods is an important issue of a commercial enterprise, it determines the success or failure of many businesses, many sales businesses have high profits but fail to manage inventories. hindering the development of enterprises.

Import and export
Trade many goods
Huge commercial warehouse

Service industry

The ability to manage the cost of each service, calculate the cost of services is the key to deciding the quality of service management of the business, we have a lot of experience in managing service business costs. 

Restaurant Hotel
Beauty Service (Spa)
Advertising Services
Entertainment service

Transportation, Logistic industry

This is a very specific industry, requiring knowledge and experience in organizing an accounting system to meet the specific requirements of the transport, logistics, and forwarder industries (cost, collection, payment, etc. , contractors ...). Director's knowledge of accounting and taxation is very important for this type of business.

Sea transport
Selling international freight
Express delivery
Maritime and aviation services

Construction industry

The most important thing for a construction business is to manage the cost of each project, project, inventory and progress, from estimating to performing appropriately.

Civil and industrial construction contractors
Interior design
Design and Consulting services

Information technology industry

Support to identify and meet the conditions for VAT exemption and reduction, measurement and distribution of VAT, determination of software production, software services and important planning-related issues. Information Technology.

Software production
Website design
Information technology services


Unlike retailers, manufacturers have raw materials and finished products, all of which contribute to the calculation of the cost of manufactured goods, an important measure to understand the situation and your business status.

Fashion, Garment
Sea food
Export processing

The customer said about us

Beside Vietnamese is the main language. We have the ability to provide direct service, direct English consultation from professionals and consultants.

For legal language, this makes a huge difference in the quality of advice compared with the method [1 expert in charge + 1 translator].

Over the years of our operations, we have come to the ability to charge service charges based on wasted hours x Expert earnings per hour.

All of our services are billed on this principle, creating clarity, transparency and providing flexibility for clients in choosing consultants.

Owns B24 technology company. We are experts in information technology, so the methods and applications we use to do work for our customers are modern ones based on modern information technology. Therefore, customer data is always safe, with modern and scientific implementation methods, saving costs for customers.

Profession, Effective

Experience with EXPERTIS

  • Extension of tax payment in 2021 for businesses

    The Government has just issued Decree 52_2021_ND_CP extending the tax payment deadline for 2021. Decree 52/2021/ND-CP extending the deadline for paying value added tax and corporate income tax in 2021 for businesses. The Decree takes effect from April 19, 04. The following are instructions for renewal

    3 May, 2021
  • Support Online Tax Finalization 2020

    In the context of the COVID-19 translation, the General Department of Taxation will increase online support, answer all taxpayer problems related to the tax finalization in 2020. Leaders of the Department of Propaganda and Support for Taxpayers ( General Department of Taxation) said, in the context of the epidemic COVID-19

    February 24, 2021
  • Maintain 3 tax departments after the establishment of Thu Duc City

    After the establishment of Thu Duc City in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ministry of Finance issued Official Letter No. 787 on tax administration in this city. Accordingly, keep 3 Tax Departments: Tax Bureau District 2, District 9 and Thu Duc District under the Department

    February 23, 2021
  • Update business address due to the establishment of Thu Duc City

    Resolution 1111 / NQ-UBTVQH14 issued by UBTVQH on December 09, 12 on the establishment of the city. Thu Duc. Accordingly, Thu Duc City will be established on the basis of merging 2020 districts: District 3, District 2 and Thu Duc District. The resolution takes effect from January 9, 1. From 1/2021/1 all legal documents and papers

    February 2, 2021