Why choose the service

More than 30 years of operation and development, Expertis is fully equipped with Human Resources - Competence - Qualifications, confident with the quality of service.

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How the staff

Including officials, experts with high expertise and sharp skills to perform difficult and specific tasks of the industry.

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Credits - Satisfied

In addition to taking quality as a focus, Expertis personnel are always trained to have a professional, enthusiastic, dedicated working style.

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Complete accounting books (purchase documents, sales documents), account and make tax reports, inspection representatives.


Promptly reflect arising operations, complete books to account and conduct proper tax reporting.


Performing professional accounting, general accounting, monitoring and accounting as required by the field.


Performing the accounting work according to each project of the enterprise, from the estimation to the implementation of accounting, making all kinds of tax reports reasonably.


Support to identify, measure and allocate environmental costs, combine environmental costs in economic decisions, and disclose information to stakeholders.

Transportation and Logictis

Equipped with an external accounting team, experienced in accounting issues according to industry characteristics (cost price, collection, payment, etc.).


We meet the specific needs of each customer

Auditing financial statements for domestic and foreign invested companies with financial statements prepared in accordance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards as required by law or for the purpose of submitting to the institutions State authorities.

Service fee commensurate with the service received

  • Focus on companies and specific industries
  • Directly led by the audit director
  • Evaluate the internal control system and provide useful ways to improve

Reduce risks and offer the most effective solutions

We have advised many foreign investors on the effective tax structure for their investments. Our experience will assist customers to consider all options and establish a business structure that satisfies the efficiency requirements of operations and taxes.

Designed specifically for each business

  • Be knowledgeable about customer business
  • Guide businesses on how to and ensure effective enforcement, laying the foundation for future benefits and minimizing risks
  • Explanation of the tax structure for tax authorities' requests

Safe, leisurely manage effective personnel for business

We take on all or part of your payroll process - help you design the management system and pay the most effectively. We save your time and help you reduce staffing costs.

With the dedication of our experienced teams, we help you manage your payroll in a compliant, secure, expandable and timely manner.

Only from 100.000 VND / Employee / month

  • Prepare the necessary documents to ensure you are protected
  • Salary management for foreign employees and Vietnamese
  • Consulting in the field of employment, salary optimization,

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