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With 17 years of operation and development, Expertis is fully equipped with Human Resources - Competence - Qualification to be able to offer its customers the best services.

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Expertis has the ability to advise on effective and quick solutions to the challenges or complex problems you are facing.

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In addition to taking quality as a focus, Expertis personnel are always trained to have a professional, enthusiastic, dedicated working style.

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Complete accounting books (purchase documents, sales documents), account and make tax reports, inspection representatives.


Promptly reflect arising operations, complete books to account and conduct proper tax reporting.


Performing professional accounting, general accounting, monitoring and accounting as required by the field.


Performing the accounting work according to each project of the enterprise, from the estimation to the implementation of accounting, making all kinds of tax reports reasonably.

Information Technology

Support to identify, measure and allocate VAT, consulting to identify software production, software services and important issues related to planning for the information technology industry.

Transportation and Logictis

Equipped with an external accounting team, experienced in accounting issues according to industry characteristics (cost price, collection, payment, etc.).

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