Senior Accountant19/04/2018

Job decriptions: Being responsible for bookkeeping and preparing financial statements of many companies with diversified industries. Keeping in touch, consulting customer with material issues of taxes; Salary: Negotiated; Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance. Benefit: % according to turnover; Public Holidays follow Labor Law, Thirteenth-month salary; Opportunities for promotion, long-term commitment....

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Sale & Marketing Executive19/04/2018

Job decriptions: To present the company’s services and products professionally via telephone call or face-to-face meeting to foreign customer. Actively search and participate in seminars and foreign company networking. Salary: negotiable according to capacity. Benefit: Bonus for employee over the target, seniority allowance, Thirteenth-month salary. Public Holidays follow...

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Nhân viên Sale – Marketing19/04/2018

Công việc: Thực hiện kế hoạch kinh doanh được phân bổ Tìm kiếm khách hàng mới. Phát triển khách hàng mới theo hướng dẫn, hỗ trợ của quản lý trực tiếp. Chăm sóc, duy trì và triển khai đơn đặt hàng với khách hàng cũ. Lương: Thoả thuận, không...

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