Salary and Social Insurance management service

Services to help businesses build salary and social insurance policies for employees, comply with the law with the continuous change of social insurance law, especially the law dealing with social insurance violations is more serious.

Expertis helps businesses significantly reduce the cost of hiring specialized employees in terms of labor, wages and social insurance, and will ensure accurate data for businesses, Avoid criminal risks for business owners.

Expertis's ability

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Working methods

Expertis' Labor Records and Social Insurance Service focuses on service qualitybuild relationships Long term with Customers. This method allows us understanding all aspects of the Enterprise and the business environment in operation, in order to ensure the work is focused on the right nature, time, help the work to be effective and most competitive.

Board of Directors, a team of auditors, foreign experts with many years of experience

Expertis has 15 years of auditing and consulting activities for foreign and Vietnamese enterprises

Expertis always supports, consults and understands the customer's business reality

Risks that businesses often face in the management of the Labor System - Wages - Social Insurance


The strengthening of review and inspection of social insurance from Vietnam Social Insurance


Content of salary and social insurance management service

Enterprises (enterprises) must participate in compulsory social insurance for employees on the right subjects, with the right to pay social insurance premiums, then they will be entitled to pay salaries into expenses.

»Labor contracts, related decisions for new employees arising in the month

»Presenting labor every year for Vietnamese enterprises and 10 times for agricultural enterprises

»Reconciliation of the arising salary with the Labor Rules registered and issued for the first time, if any, update the Labor Rules and re-register

»Reconciliation of the arising Salary with the first signed and issued Labor Agreement, if any arises, update the Labor Agreement and re-register

»Reconcile the arising Salary with the Salary Regulation first issued, if any arises, update the Salary Regulation

»Reconciliation of Wages and Payroll Scales + Regulations on first-time registered and issued titles, if any arises, update Payroll Table + Regulate title and re-register

»Check the public board (if there are overtime)

»Prepare payrolls Announcement of enterprises

»Registration of personal tax codes and dependents (If there are any unregistered workers)

»Social insurance premiums

»Reconciliation, notice of payment of social insurance premiums payable

»Making records of increase, decrease and adjustment

»Declaration of insurance benefits: sickness, maternity, retirement, death ...

»Apply for social insurance book, health insurance card

»Updating union records (If any)

»Guide to monitoring union funds at enterprises

What support will you get when working with Expertis?

Benefits when working with Expertis

√ Advice and guidance ENTHUSIASM from leading experts in the field

√ Ensure calculation RESPECTABLE, FULLUNIFIED with current law

√ There are records COMPLETE both soft and hard files

√ Business completely CONFIDENT with your Salary System

√ Service cost REASONABLE

Quality standards from Expertis Salary Management and Social Insurance Services

Great value 4 You will receive from our service

Actively report on love
Prepare carefully before the examination and settlement
Advise issues arising
Full, accurate and timely reporting

Frequently asked questions

According to Clause 1, Article 2, Decree 115 / 2015 / ND-CP stipulates: Laborers are Vietnamese citizens participating in compulsory social insurance. Therefore, if any salary from the company is subject to compulsory social insurance.

Each employee must have full 3 types of records: Salary records; labor records; Social insurance records.

When starting to generate labor, enterprises must carry out fully the contents as prescribed by the social insurance, labor, tax agencies, etc. not fully implemented.

Therefore, when arising personnel, the enterprise must perform fully or hire professional services to manage. To find out more about the best human resource management and social insurance services of Expertis, you can refer here:

Expetis has a management software with an unlimited number of employees, in addition, the implementation personnel are professionals with professional experience and handling experience when inspecting, checking, ensuring the correct set of documents. Profile for Enterprises with large number of employees.

Labor inspection risk; the risk of data discrepancy between the salary of social insurance premium and salary included in enterprise costs; risk of miscalculation, arrears and fines.

To assess whether a business is at risk or not, you can contact the Expertis hotline to request, we will check, evaluate and give you a free consultation for your business.

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